7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston isn’t done growing her family! After welcoming their first baby in 2023, the new mom hinted at trying for baby No. 2 with her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, hoping to add a little person to their family.

“I think one day when Leighton’s a little older, maybe closer to school, I can convince him for us to just have one more,” Liz, 22, told People in an interview published on Wednesday, June 5. “One more try for a little person is what I tell him.”

She continued, “Just for us to try, because we would definitely be stoked of having one average and one little some day.”

Liz admitted Brice, 25, had his reservations about having another child as he was “traumatized” during her C-section for baby No. 1.

“It was a very good C-section, but that was his first insight of the healthcare field,” Liz — who works as a nurse — explained. “I’m used to surgeries, I’m used to [the] healthcare field. But that whole aspect was very new and it kind of scared him, because he did not like the whole fact of me having to go under and him not being able to be there.”

Liz and Brice welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Leighton Drew Bolden, on November 3, 2023. The couple first revealed Liz’s pregnancy to fans during the May 14 episode of the series. At the time, Liz and Brice had separated and were in the process of reconciling when they discovered the exciting news. The pair were nervous to tell their parents that not only were they back together, but also 21 weeks pregnant.

7 Little Johnstons Liz Johnston Hints at Baby No 2 With Brice 1

“That was the biggest impact for us, that she had waited that long and that’s where all the concern started,” Liz’s father, Trent Johnston, said in a private confessional. “Elizabeth being pregnant was not our biggest hurdle. I think it took Amber and I back that it took her so long to tell us.”

Trent, 48, and his wife, Amber Johnston, later opened up about how important learning the baby’s size was and how they hoped for a little person baby.

“To each his own, but obviously we would prefer a dwarf baby. The biggest challenge would be adjusting to an average sized granddaughter. Because we – Amber and I – have never had an average-sized person in our family,” the patriarch explained during the June 4 episode.

Liz later confessed she regretted waiting that long to tell her parents about baby No. 1 and would not wait as long in a future pregnancy.

“I’m constantly reminded when baby No. 2 in the future comes, I’m just going to tell them right off the bat,” Liz told Access Hollywood on May 15. “Because we were going through our little split and when I did find out that I was pregnant, it was a big surprise because my parents and his parents both knew that we were going through a lot and this definitely would’ve taken them by surprise.”

It took the couple “a while” to figure out how to share the news with their families, as Liz’s mom and siblings were graduating, and they didn’t want to overshadow their milestones.

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