1000-lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton proved she’s taking her health journey seriously by cutting soda out of her diet.

Tammy, 37, revealed the change in her diet when a fan asked her if she’s still drinking up to 12 cans of soda — which she calls “sodies” — each day.

“Actually no, I don’t drink sodies that often anymore,” the reality star said in a video posted via TikTok on Wednesday, November 29. “I mean, maybe two 12 oz. cans a day, sometimes not even that. Sometimes just one, sometimes not at all.”

She continued, “I mainly drink water now. Or if I do drink something else it’s tea … diet tea or sugar free Gatorades. I do like drinking Crystal Light packets, stuff like that sometimes … but plain ordinary water.”

During the debut season of 1000-Lb. Sisters, which aired in 2020, Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton met with a dietician to discuss their eating habits. When the dietician asked if the sisters drank water, Amy, 36, admitted they didn’t and mostly drank “sodie pops.”

The dietitian then asked how much soda the sisters drink in a day, and Tammy responded, “Oh s–t. Eight to 12 [cans] a day.”

Amy then clarified that they were drinking diet soda. “Our mom told us when we were younger, if we ate a sugar, you drink a Diet Coke afterwards and it’ll cancel out the sugar,” she explained.

Ever since the show premiered, both Tammy and Amy have underwent impressive weight loss transformations.

Tammy began her weight loss journey after she survived a near-death experience in 2021. “Two months ago, I decided to go back to rehab,” she said in a confessional on the show, which was filmed in January 2022. “I was here maybe less than 30 minutes and my oxygen level dropped. I had to be taken to the hospital. They put me in a [medically]-induced coma.”

Following the health scare, the Kentucky native entered a food addiction rehabilitation center so that she could lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery.

She weighed 717 pounds when she began treatment and had to drop to 550 ​pounds in order to be approved for the procedure. “Until then, I hate getting on a scale,” Tammy said during a February episode. “My worst fear is gaining weight.”

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Says She Stopped Drinking 8 to 12 Sodas a Day: 'I Mainly Drink Water’
Courtesy of Tammy Slaton/Instagram

Tammy put in the hard work and ultimately surpassed her goal, weighing in at 534.7 pounds. “When I got on the scale and seeing the scale was 534.7, I kind of stopped breathing for a second,” she recalled. “I’m like 14 ​pounds under my goal weight from over 700. That’s a huge drop.”

While not many details have been shared about the surgery, the TV personality has been flaunting her weight loss in several photos and videos posted to social media.

Tammy posted a video of herself dancing in October, which led many fans to applaud her progress in the comments section. “This is so WONDERFUL Tammy!” one person commented. “Congratulations on all of your success!!! KEEP GOING!!!!”

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