David beckham fashion

Model Husband! David
Beckham Takes Style
Advice From Wife
Victoria: “If She Says
I Look Bad, I’m Not
Going to Disagree!”


David Beckham is already a respected style icon.

He has worked as a designer, graced the cover of Details, W and Paris Vogue and become a regular at runway shows around the world. But when it comes to fashion he still needs some tips—according to wife Victoria!

Becks revealed that if his wife doesn’t like what he’s wearing, she lets him know! Even more impressively, he’ll actually listen and change!

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“She’s my wife, so I trust her opinion, so if she says I look bad, I’m not going to argue with that,” he explained.

Talk about girl power!

Posh may be a celebrated fashionista, but David isn’t doing so bad for himself either!

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Her recently took his style sense to the next level when he unveiled the children’s collection that he designed for H&M, which joined the David Beckham Bodywear line at the popular store.

Still, people seemed more interested in how often he gets tips from his other half!

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When asked how often she gives him style pointers, he admitted at the press conference to launch a professional soccer team in Miami that it was “not often, thankfully, but yes… every now and again” that his wife gives him tips—he’s usually on his own!

“I dress myself, thank you,” he added.