Ummmm, What?: Ariana
Grande Can't Sleep
Because of
"Insufferably Loud
Frog Sex" Outside Her


Yep, you read that headline right.

The 'Problem' singer recently expressed her frustrations on Twitter about being kept awake by the sound of frogs mating outside of her home. We, er, always wondered if frogs made noise while having sex, so we are eternally grateful to Ariana for clearing this matter up.

We can only imagine what "insufferably loud frog sex" actually sounds like, but it was enough to make the usually sweeter-than-sweet singer so angry, she felt the need to take to social media to rant.

Thankfully, Ariana found a solution to her strange insomnia problem by using a relaxing sounds app on her cell phone. See? There really is an app for everything.

Here's hoping the 21-year-old is now sleeping soundly.

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