Their issues go way back. Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler has been dealing with her fair share of baby daddy drama with her ex, Stephan Alexander — who is also the father of her 2-year-old son, Izaiah. And she also has a history of beefing with Stephan’s new girlfriend, Madison. But in an In Touch exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Kayla and Stephan agree to come together with Madison and Kayla’s current boyfriend, Luke Davis, to try to squash their beef and Kayla revealed the real reason why she doesn’t want Madison involved in her son’s life.

“I will call Kayla to see if she’s down to conversate tomorrow,” Stephan told his new girlfriend, Madison. He called Kayla on FaceTime and she answered, and Stephan’s face lit up when he saw his son, Izaiah, on the screen.

When Izaiah didn’t react or respond, Kayla explained that the toddler is just tired. Stephan then asked what Kayla’s plans were for the next day. “Me, you, Luke and Madison should sit down and we should talk,” Stephan said.

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“What would you like to talk about?” Kayla asked. “Basically, state problems and solutions that we can come about together to fix them,” Stephan said.  “I mean, I’m open to hearing what you guys wanna say, but I’m not gonna bring Zai,” Kayla said. In a previous episode, Kayla revealed that Madison is the girl that Stephen cheated on her with when she was pregnant with their son.

“I didn’t even gonna ask, so,” Stephan responded. Once they hung up the phone, Stephan seemed upset that Kayla mentioned that she wouldn’t bring their son to the meeting.

But back at her apartment, Kayla and her boyfriend, Luke, discussed their thoughts about Stephan’s attempt at solving the issues between them. “I mean, it should be interesting. He’s trying to like, be all nice now. It’s fake, it’s phony,” she said.

Luke couldn’t agree more. “I know it is. It’s, ‘Oh, I wanna make amends. I want to be better for Izaiah.’ Like, bro, you could’ve been doing that. You stopped showing up to your visits. Like, no one’s making you stop showing up. Please. If he says something out of line, Kayla, I’m letting you know, I’m gonna put my hands on him,” Luke said.

“I know he’s done some messed up things a lot,” Kayla told her boyfriend. Luke then asked Kayla why Stephan thinks it’s a good idea to have Madison and him be present for their meeting.

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“I could tell you why. Because I said I don’t want Madison around Izaiah and he wants me and Madison to be cool so I let them take him. Me and her have issues like you and him have issues,” Kayla explained. “I was pregnant with Izaiah, me and her got into it and she told me she was gonna beat my ass and make me have a miscarriage. And that’s when I was like, ‘I don’t like this girl. I’m never gonna like this girl.’ Cause you do not say that to somebody.”

After reliving that moment, Kayla seemed to have second thoughts about agreeing to meeting up with Stephan and Madison. “I hope this isn’t a bad idea,” Kayla said. “I feel like it is, I ain’t even gonna lie to you,” Luke said.

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