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Hard AF Celebrity ‘Would You Rather’s That’ll Have You Reevaluating Your Entire Life

You don’t really know someone (or yourself) until you stand at the shooting line of Would You Rather questions. Really, being faced with near-impossible this or that inquiries about enviable, disgusting, or flat-out horrifying situations will help you learn about everyone around you. And since we’re always down for a good round of brain-teasers, we decided to set you up with a celebrity-filled Would You Rather game!

Finally, you can sit down and ruminate on the important questions, on just how you would fair if you were part of Hollywood’s elite (or at least part of an E! reality TV show). Think about it: do you think you could survive walking in the sky-high heels of a Kardashian sister for years? Or would you trade that up for a temporary bad perm and 18 (and counting) hyper-religious sisters if you were born into the Duggar clan? Do you think it would be better to have Taylor Swift put you under the gun in a song? Or would it be preferable for Kanye West to barge in on the most important day of your life? Is having Justin Bieber meet the parents worse than baby-sitting Danielle Bregoli?

And if you, let’s just throw it out there, had a Disney Channel career to throw away, would you rather ruin your image in sleazy paparazzi photos or go out in a blaze of glory at the Video Music Awards? These are the things that should keep you up at night, because Lord knows they keep us up at night. So if you’re looking for a quick pop culture-y icebreaker for your next party or you just want to answer serious existential questions about reality stars, we got you covered.

Check out the gallery below to soul-search and find out what you would rather do when you place yourself in the shoes of celebrities

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