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13 Times Celebrities Spent Less Time on Their Halloween Costumes Than You

Most stars go seriously over the top when dressing up for the spookiest holiday of the year, but others are perfectly content with slapping on a wig on and calling it a day, creating some of the worst celebrity Halloween costumes we've ever seen. However, despite the sloppy D.I.Y. outfits and the lazily thrown together ensembles, we sort of admire these celebs' DGAF attitude. Hey, they're just there to drink and have fun, right? After all, we can't all be Heidi Klum.

The holiday is typically a big deal for most famous people, especially on social media. On Halloween, everyone is curious about what everyone else will be wearing. People want to know what costumes will be the most popular, the most clever, hilarious, or just simply offensive. It's all sort of a big deal, and celebs get in on the action by wearing some pretty amazing costumes that probably takes them days or weeks to plan. And because they have the time and money to devote to making an outfit that'll be shared by millions all across Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense why they put in a little extra effort than us average peeps.

But that's not the case with every celeb. Some simply want to party with their friends, get drunk, wear a wig, and call it a night. We guess they just didn't have the time to tailor that witch costume that's been sitting in their closet all year. From Lady Gaga running around in her bed sheet to Adam Levine lazily taking off his shirt and calling it a "costume," check out the gallery below to see the laziest celebrity Halloween ensembles of all time.

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