Doja Cat came under fire earlier this year with many of her own fans and followers jumping ship and turning their backs on the “Paint the Town Red” artist. But what did Doja Cat do to lose followers?

Why Did Doja Cat Lose Fans?

Doja Cat went on a since-deleted Threads rampage, calling out her fanbase after they began referring to themselves as “kittenz.”

“My fans don’t get to name themselves s–t. If you call yourself a ‘kitten’ or f–king ‘kittenz’ that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house,” the Los Angeles native wrote on July 23. 

After a fan account with the handle “The Kittenz Web” asked the singer, “What should I change my name to since you don’t like the term kitten?” Doja Cat responded, “Just delete the entire account and rethink everything it’s not too late.”

Doja, whose real name is ​​Amala Zandile Dlamini, continued, calling out a fan account who used her legal name. “You making my government name ur sn is creepy as fuck,” she wrote.

It didn’t stop there, however. “I wanna hear you say I do love you guys,” another fan tweeted, to which she responded, “I don’t though cuz i don’t even know y’all.” She later called another fan a “crazy person” after they pointed out that her fans have supported her “through thick and thin.”

What Did Doja Cat Say After Losing Fans?

“Seeing all these people unfollow me makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long,” Doja Cat wrote in a message posted to her Instagram Story on August 16, nearly a month after the controversy. “It feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was.”

“I feel free,” she concluded. 

How Many Fans Did Doja Cat Lose?

While the exact number of followers who hit the “unfollow” button is unknown, some reports claim as many as half a million former “kittenz” unfollowed the “Kiss Me More” artist and many fan accounts deactivated their profiles. 

Has Doja Cat Had Any Other Controversies?

More than a year prior to her internet tirade, Doja Cat was the subject of another controversy after she failed to apologize for canceling a scheduled concert in Paraguay in March 2022.

Doja Cat was set to perform on the opening day of Paraguay’s Asunciónico Festival. However, the show was canceled due to flooding. While the cancellation was not her fault, the singer failed to acknowledge or apologize for the inconvenience, and fans took to social media to voice their frustration. 

One fan tweeted that it was “too late” to apologize to her Paraguayan fans, but Doja Cat simply replied, “I’m not sorry.”

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