Daddy-daughter drama? On 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, season 4 star Ed Brown, a.k.a. “Big Ed,” opened up about his tense relationship with his daughter, Tiffany. Though it seems they used to be close, the TLC personality’s new romance came between them. But who is Tiffany? Keep scrolling to see what we know about Ed’s daughter so far. 

Tiffany Brown works in real estate in Vegas.

According to her Instagram bio (you can follow her here), Tiffany, 29, works in business development in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s also a real estate agent. Right now, she’s working on a new apartment building that’s being constructed in the area. Her mom stopped by in February 2020 to take a tour of the space.

Ed Brown Daughter Tiffany With Mom Sandra Sandy Heckman
Courtesy of Tiffany Brown/Instagram

She also works in fitness.

In addition to her real estate pursuits, she’s working in personal assisting and fitness at a gym in Vegas. Tiffany is frequently showing off her toned body on social media and inviting her followers to join her for a class.

She and her dad used to be close.

On the show, Ed, 54, revealed that he and his daughter were “two peas in a pod.” Though he admitting that his marriage wasn’t a healthy one — it ended after only two years because he was unfaithful — he’s endlessly grateful that it gave him his “beautiful daughter.” Gushing over her, he said, “She’s just like her father, stubborn, and she is the best thing I’ve created on this earth.”

Ed Brown and Daughter Tiffany Brown Snap Beach Selfie
Courtesy of Tiffany Brown/Instagram

But then things got tense.

After the father told his daughter that he was dating Rosemarie — someone who was not only three decades younger than him, but also six years younger than Tiffany — they had a falling out. Ed’s family, his daughter included, worried that the 23-year-old was only interested in him for his money and so that she could get a green card. When the reality star flew out to the Philippines to propose, his daughter stopped speaking to him.

Now, they seem to be on good terms again.

The 29-year-old regularly posts photos that feature her father. In October 2019, they took a walk together along the beach in San Diego, California. In December 2019, they met up to collaborate on a photo shoot. And in March 2020, he teased her about showing off her bikini pictures on social media. “OK, you might be grounded. LOL,” he wrote after she shared photos on Facebook. “Hahaha, my dad,” she wrote when she shared screenshots of the moment on her Instagram Story. “Definitely too old for that!”

Tiffany Brown Teases Dad Ed Brown About Grounding Her
Courtesy of Tiffany Brown/Instagram

Will she be on the show?

It’s not clear yet whether or not Tiffany will make an appearance on the TLC series, but we’re willing to guess it’s a yes. The question is: when?

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