After years of success with 90 Day Fiancé and its numerous spinoff series, in January 2024, TLC launched a brand-new reality dating series for international couples: Love & Translation

“In a tropical paradise, American men embark on an epic adventure to find ‘the one’ in a group of women from all over the world. The twist: none of the women speak or understand English, and the men do not speak their languages,” the network announced, revealing a seemingly modern take on fairytale classic The Little Mermaid. But where is this “tropical paradise” and which countries are the women from?

Where Is ‘Love & Translation’ Filmed?

Love & Translation was filmed in a stunning villa in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.

Dylan, a 24-year-old single from Florida, gave viewers a tour of the stunning crib to give “an idea of how [they] live.”

The ultra-modern abode featured a stunning atrium just beyond the front entrance, complete with tropical trees and natural light. The home had multiple living spaces, each seemingly given a different purpose. 

“Normally this is where beautiful women chill on the couch,” he said, entering the first living room. The sitting room was also designated for hanging out, playing cards, folding origami and drinking games. A separate space was specifically for “thinking.” 

It was clear the women’s bedrooms were shared as they each featured multiple beds and bunk beds, whereas the men seemingly have their own rooms with stunning views. 

A separate game room, chef’s kitchen and dining room completed the interior. The outdoor living space, however, rivaled a five-star resort. 

The waterfront oasis featured a resort-style pool, a firepit, multiple hammocks hanging from palm trees and stunning cabana’s with uninterrupted ocean views. 

“Sometimes you just gotta sit back and relax and a hammock is a good place to just kind of let go for a minute,” Tripp, a 30-year-old from California, said. 

Where Are the Women on ‘Love & Translation’ From?

Twelve women compete for the hearts of three American men. While the dozen ladies are all looking for love without the use of a translator, they traveled thousands of miles to find the man of their dreams!

Coming from all corners of the globe, including Jhenyfer from Brazil, Tulay from Germany, Sara from Italy and Imane from Morocco, three men will try to win their affection. Khalil from Texas, Tripp from California and Dylan from Florida will have to bring their A game. 

Rounding out the group of women is Airi from Japan, Leidi from Colombia, Yam from Mexico, Gisele from Brazil, Joceline and Assia from France, Jin from South Korea and Jhuliana from Bolivia.

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