During Ami Brown's cancer battle, the Alaskan Bush People stars, aka the Brown family, officially left the bush, and they've since moved all over — but where do they live now? The season finale saw them exploring the idea of a home in Colorado, while the Christmas special had them celebrating at their rental property in Los Angeles, and fans have spotted them filming in Washington, so it seems they've left Alaska in their past. But some fans thinks they actually left Alaska a long time ago. In fact, some fans think the Browns never lived in Alaska at all while the show was filming.

Oh, sure, they definitely were in Alaska — the show was filmed there, after all — but we already know that the filming locations weren't exactly remote. The middle of the nowhere out in the Alaskan bush turned out to be near enough to a pizza shop for the family to go grab dinner in Season 1, and even later on, they had neighbors near enough around that they were bothered by the production schedule. But rumor has it that, off camera, the Browns aren't even near the bush. According to Alaskan locals who talked to Radar Online, the family would actually stay at the Icy Strait Lodge in Hoonah. And though they were clearly in the area for a good amount of time while filming, it's hard to say it's your home when you're actually just renting rooms in a hotel so you can film nearby at the fake house you don't actually live in.

Some fans take it even further, though, accusing the Browns of actually living primarily in Oregon and Washington. "Nobody really knows exactly where [they live]," wrote the Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page. "They are all over the place. Seattle also." They even made memes to illustrate their disbelief. For the record, Billy Brown and his wife aren't shy about their nomadic lifestyle, claiming they've spent nearly 40 Christmases in 40 different places, but you'd think they'd have stronger ties to Alaska if they were able to score a whole TV show about their lives there.

When it comes to the facts, there are even some legal documents to back these claims up. In 2014, the family got in trouble with the government and they were charged with 24 counts of unsworn falsification and theft for lying about living in Alaska in order to receive government checks. It even seemed prison was in the cards for the Alaskan Bush People, though they managed to arrange a plea deal to get out of it. But Billy and Bam Bam Brown had to pay up thousands of dollars when it was determined that they didn't actually live in Alaska from roughly 2009-2013, as they'd claimed on government forms so they could get state funds.

So is this just a fan-pushed conspiracy theory or is there more to it? According to an ex-girlfriend of Matt Brown, the reality star told her his family had lived in Haines, AK until he was a teenager. Again, it's not exactly the bush or living in the wilderness off the land alone, but it is in the state of Alaska. So it's not that the family never lived there. But considering how often they moved around after that, we think the jury is still out. As far as being "Alaskan bush people," though, they're hardly from the bush — and we're open to the argument that they're not particularly Alaskan, either. But hey, at least they're definitely people, right?

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