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Don’t @ Me but Bam Bam Brown Is Definitely the Hot One on ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Here’s the thing about Bam Bam Brown from the Discovery Channel TV show Alaskan Bush People: He looks mostly like a normal person. He doesn’t have any weird facial hair like muttonchops or two-feet-long mustache trails. His fashion is relatively casual with a simple jeans and a t-shirt look instead of leaning into the goth prince aesthetic. And his curls have gotten way more properly managed over the years. Which is all to say that, lately, the outdoorsy reality star has kind of become the hot brother of the Brown family. And I know, I know, it seems strange to declare anyone called an “Alaskan Bush Person” hot, but hear me out, because I never expected to be in this position either. There’s just something about Bam Bam that’s really grown on me, despite the fact that he chooses to go by the name “Bam Bam” and not, you know, his given name of “Joshua.”

bam bam brown alaskan bush people

Let me explain. In observing this show (and I do mean observing, because I wouldn’t even really call myself a watcher of the series), it just became clear to me over time. Back in the beginning, Bam Bam, one of the older brothers, definitely looked a little — well, it doesn’t seem fair to call him “rough,” but maybe “’90s teen movie Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast who maybe also knows how to skateboard.” Like he could’ve been friends with the kids from Stranger Things, if those kids had grown up and not changed their style at all by 28 and also lived in the-middle-of-nowhere, Alaska. But over time, things have really started to come together for him. His longer hair, his managable beard, his cool aviator glasses… He still looks like he could’ve stepped right out of the Stranger Things screen, but like this time he could’ve been a cool older character, one who’d like battled the demagorgon, lived to tell the tale, and was now offering Jonathan and Nancy some advice. (Also, Steve gives him a head nod and is like, “Cool hair,” and Bam Bam’s like, “Thanks.”)

When I first presented my findings to my coworkers, I confidently announced, “I think Bam Bam is pretty hot,” and it was not met with ringing endorsements. So I’m not setting out to convince anyone if they can’t already see what I see (which, just for the record, is nothing but the honest truth). It’s up to you to find your own path to thinking the reality star is hot. But what I think is undeniable is the fact that Bam Bam Brown, despite being named after a Flintstones character (who also grew up to be good looking; stop picturing him as a baby), is the hot one in Alaskan Bush People. Don’t believe me? Check out all the proof in the gallery below.

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