Paris Hilton has an exciting new TV docuseries in the works after optioning the rights to the book Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s, and fans want to know more about the project.

When Did Paris Hilton Announce Her New Docuseries ‘Toxic’?

The socialite announced on April 24, 2024, through her 11:11 Media company that she optioned the rights to Sarah Ditum‘s book Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s. Paris, who is one of the nine women explored in the book, plans to turn it into a television docuseries.

What Is ‘Toxic: Women, Fame, and the Tabloid 2000s’ About?

Sarah’s book explores the lives and media coverage surrounding nine female stars, including Paris, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian, Chyna and Jennifer Aniston. The book looks at how the women battled with how they were portrayed in the media in the early to mid-aughts while determining what degree of control they were able to gain over their personal and professional narratives.

Toxic examines how the women dealt with their celebrity status amid the “ruthless and rapidly evolving media environment” and “how their experiences influenced broader perceptions of identity, body image, relationships and ambitions that still resonate today,” 11:11 Media explained in their announcement.

What Is Paris Hilton's Toxic Docuseries? Early 2000s Drama
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Paris Hilton Was ‘Inspired’ by ‘Toxic’

“When I discovered Toxic, I was immediately taken by the depth of Sarah’s dedication, research and writing,” Paris said in a statement. “Sarah’s work inspired me to envision Toxic as a documentary series where we can provide a platform for similar stories of those who had to navigate intense public scrutiny, so they can reclaim their narrative from a time when they had little control.”

Will Author Sarah Ditum Work With Paris Hilton on ‘Toxic’?

Yes, and the author is thrilled to be working with Paris after writing about the entrepreneur’s battle with her image and the misogyny she faced while in her early 20s on the Hollywood scene.

Toxic was always intended to put the women I write about back at the heart of their own stories,” Sarah said in 11:11’s announcement. “Working with Paris and her team on bringing this book to TV feels like a kind of homecoming for the project, and I’m incredibly excited for what they’ll bring to the next stage of Toxic.”

Has Paris Hilton Appeared In Other Documentaries About Herself?

The DJ was the featured subject of 2020’s This Is Paris, a YouTube Originals-produced documentary directed by Alexandra Dean. It explored the abuse she suffered after being sent away to a Utah boarding school in her teens, as well as how she was able to transition from Hollywood “It” girl to respected business mogul.

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