Paris Hilton has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. From multiple reality shows to a sex tape, legal battles to very public arrests, it’s easy to think there’s nothing we don’t know about Hilton.

However, in her new book, Paris: The Memoir, the socialite, businesswoman, and advocate turns off the filter and reveals intimate details about her struggles with fame and her journey toward self discovery, and mentions a few recognizable names along the way.

Here are five things we learned in Hilton’s compelling new memoir.

paris hilton memoir

She Wasn’t the First To Say “That’s Hot”

A few things Hilton is arguably best-known for are her baby voice and easily recognizable catchphrases. Many people have heard “loves it,” but everyone knows about “that’s hot.”

No matter what was going on, Hilton ad-libbed “that’s hot” into nearly every situation she encountered on The Simple Life, whether she was working with cattle on a farm, taking orders at Sonic, or talking to the local townspeople. But, Hilton actually wasn’t the one to come up with the catchphrase at all.

In Paris: The Memoir, Hilton actually reveals it was her sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, who actually came up with the now-iconic catchphrase. “At some point, I heard Nicky say ‘That’s hot’ and it resonated with me. I wrote it in my diary and doodled flowers and fireworks around it. It’s such a great statement, isn’t it? Positive. Unpretentious. The word ‘hot’ is evocative; there’s energy in it,” Hilton writes. She adds that she saw it as a “positive affirmation.”

Hilton then began building it into her everyday vocabulary. She would write in her diary how Nicole Richie was going to come over and stay with her for the whole weekend. “That’s hot,” she would write, in reference to her plans.

Before taking her catchphrase mainstream, Hilton used it at school all the time, and her classmates soon caught on. She recalls it being like she made “fetch” happen. After wrapping up the second season of The Simple Life, she eventually trademarked the phrase.

A Word of Her Own

Hilton has continued her reign as a wordsmith, inventing the word “sliving” in recent years. Sliving is a combination of slaying and living. The phrase was first invented at a Halloween party she attended a few years ago.

Like many people on the Internet, Hilton adopted “slaying” into her vocabulary, but really wanted to incorporate the emphasis on living your best life. Thus, sliving was born, with #sliving accounting for over 55,000 posts on Instagram to date.

The Extent of the Sexual Trauma and How It Shaped Her

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Sadly, Hilton is no stranger to abuse, and it regrettably played a huge part in forming the woman she grew into. Hilton recalls being taken advantage of at a very young age after developing a crush on a teacher.

She nicknamed one of her handsome teachers “Mr. Abercrombie,” thinking there was “just something very Abercrombie and Fitch” about his appearance. One day, “Mr. Abercrombie” passed his personal phone number along to Hilton, but warned her not to share his actions with anyone.

Despite such a large age gap, and the fact that Hilton was incredibly young and very obviously underage, “Mr. Abercrombie” duped Hilton into thinking there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. He used examples of other famous men, like Elvis and Prince Charles, to justify their age gap.

On one poignant evening in particular, “Mr. Abercrombie” drove to Hilton’s home when her parents weren’t there, and she got into his car. She recounts him taking her into his arms and kissing her before her parents came home and caught them.

Nowadays, if something like that happened involving a pupil and teacher, there would be police cars up and down the street and the teacher would likely be locked up. Instead, the teacher spun the blame on 14-year-old Hilton, and asked her, “why did you force me to do that?” When the school year concluded, Hilton was sent off to stay with her grandmother in France for the summer.

She Was Offered Seven Figures for a ‘Playboy’ Cover…and Got Shorted

Before Hugh Hefner passed away, the Playboy founder was frequently on the hunt for the next “It Girl” and spent a great deal of time convincing several women to appear on the magazine’s cover.
As one of the biggest “it girls” of all time, Hilton was no exception. In her memoir, Hilton reveals details about Hefner’s pursuit to place her on the cover of Playboy, and how much he was willing to fork over to make it happen.

“He really wanted me to do a Playboy cover,” Hilton writes. “He kept offering me more and more money, saying I wouldn’t have to be naked, just topless. And then saying I didn’t have to be topless, just sheer. And then saying I can wear whatever lingerie I wanted.”

Hilton recalls the thought of her mother’s reaction being the major catalyst in her decision to repeatedly turn Hefner down. “Even when he offered seven figures, I turned it down, because I knew my mom would lose her mind.” That, combined with the shameful labels cast upon her after her sex tape were enough for her to turn down Hefner every step of the way, but even that did not stop him.

Hilton alleges Hefner went out of his way to track down someone who had previously photographed her. Hefner purchased a photo from the shoot, gave Hilton an “award,” and then used that as an excuse to splash her on the front cover of Playboy without her permission.

Hilton didn’t even find out about any of this until after the magazine had been published. It was a continuation of her image being used in a sexual way without her consent, just as it had been done before with her sex tape.

She Had an Abortion at 22

In 2003, Hilton was seemingly on her way to the top of the world. She had made it through her rough and rowdy teenage years, put multiple incidents of sexual abuse behind her, and was getting ready to appear in The Simple Life, her first major reality television project, which would go on to be highly successful. But, in the middle of these glory days, Hilton was still hit with news that would change her life forever.

Hilton found out she was pregnant at the age of 22 years old, which she elaborates on in Paris: The Memoir. She described it as “waking up on the ledge outside a 40th floor window.” Hilton recounts being raised to know abortion was an option but once she was actually confronted with having to make the decision herself, she found herself struggling in a way she hadn’t imagined before.

Hilton was in a loving relationship at the time with Jason Shaw. They have been dating for two years and he said he was going to buy a home for all of them to live in on Kings Road. But, when it came down to it, it wasn’t about him or even the baby. Hilton knew she just was not in a place where she could honestly commit to doing what was required to be a good mother.

The Harvey Weinstein Incident

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It seems like more and more women come forward each day telling their own stories of their encounters with Harvey Weinstein. Hilton shared her own scary experience with the now-incarcerated film producer at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival.

Hilton was having lunch with one of her girlfriends when she met Weinstein. He had heard she was interested in acting and came over to her table. Hilton recalls him allegedly acting just about as inappropriately as one could act at a crowded restaurant, and him ultimately inviting her up to his room to read some scripts, which she declined.

Apparently, Weinstein didn’t take this rejection very well and followed her into the women’s restroom at the amfAR Gala the next evening. Hilton claims to have locked herself in a stall when Weinstein began pounding on the door shouting at her, “Ya wanna be a star?” The only thing that made him stop was the French security team coming inside to break up whatever was going on.

The Real Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s uncensored memoir allows the public a unique insight into the real life of one of this generation’s most iconic public figures.

Beyond the glamorous wardrobe, jetset lifestyle, and access to a world only a small percent of people get to experience, Hilton’s memoir, available on both Amazon and her website, is an inspiring and empowering account of a woman who has risen from the ashes of abuse and trauma to carve out a unique path for herself, while shining a light on other women who have experienced similar abuse, and worse. No matter what you think you’ve heard about her, Paris: The Memoir casts a whole new light on the woman we thought we all knew.

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