Fans are thrilled that TLC’s answer to the Teen Mom franchise, Unexpected, is coming back, but they were shocked to see that some of the original cast has been cut. While Lexus Scheller and McKayla Adkins will return with their boyfriends and babies, Lilly Bennett will not be appearing, according to Starcasm. But don’t worry, three new moms were added to the mix!

A sneak peek of the new season, which beings airing on Aug. 5 at 10/9c on TLC, was released on July 12, and it looks like it’s going to have everything we want from a teen-mom-centered docuseries. From relationship problems, to overbearing parents, to the harsh reality of raising a baby as a teenager, we can’t wait to watch the raw reality show unfold. To prepare, meet the newbies to the show, below!

Laura and Tylor

laura and tylor

Laura and Tylor.

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that Laura’s boyfriend (and soon-to-be-baby-daddy) and her family are going to butt heads. After her father explains that this isn’t how he pictured his daughter’s life going, he tells Tylor at dinner, “you guys are going to cry a lot, you better just brace yourselves,” to which Tylor snarkily replies, “you act like I know nothing.” He also fights with Laura later on when she’s trying to talk to her mom on the phone, so we’re sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride for these two.

Chloe and Max

chloe and max

Chloe and Max.

Chloe and Max seem like the most loving couple at first glance. Max can be seen smiling and rubbing Chloe’s tummy before their bundle of joy comes, though her family might not be as fond of him. “I’m sorry that Chloe wants to see his face every day, but I don’t,” says her mom, after yelling at him to not “talk back” to her.

Emiley and Diego

emily and diego

Emiley and Diego.

Right off the bat, Diego seems like a bit of a villain. He can be seen telling his baby mama Emiley that she looks “a little pudgy,” to which she responds “I just had a baby, okay?” Later on, she says, “I don’t know another guy that would say that,” and cries when her mom asks if she would still be with him if it weren’t for the baby. Yikes! We can’t wait to watch all of the dram unfold on Aug. 5!

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