One Teen Mom 2 star is basically reminding people to mind their own business on July 12. Fans started freaking out three days earlier when Briana DeJesus‘ mother Roxanne DeJesus gave her daughter a forceful and lengthy kiss on the mouth. While Bri didn’t seem to mind too much, fans called it “creepy,” “uncomfortable,” and “nasty.” Well, now Roxy is speaking up to defend herself!

“I was raised with lots of love, hugs, and kisses,” wrote Roxanne on Twitter of the emotional moment before Bri left to get more plastic surgery in Miami. “We love wholeheartedly and we love hard. I adore both my girls, and I’ll always remind them of that. They can be 50 years old and I’ll still love up on them.”

roxanne dejesus tweet

Roxanne went on to make it clear that she doesn’t give a hoot what people are saying about her family, as long as they have each other. “Side note: Opinions are like a–holes every body has one… I don’t care to see or hear yours… Now have a lovely day everyone hugs and kisses to all.”

While some fans thought her response was sweet and totally supported her, like this fan who wrote, “You’re a sweet loving mom! I truly admire you!!! [Briana] and Brit are so blessed to have you!” others were still grossed out.

briana dejesus mom kiss

Briana DeJesus kisses mom Roxanne.

“That’s awesome but you took that kiss to far with your daughter,” said a hater. Another agreed, writing, “Still doesn’t call for this type of make out session. Nobody thinks it is normal.” And then there’s this hot take: “You basically slipped her the tongue. There was way too much passion. I thought I was watching a soap opera. #gross.” Guess they’ll just have to deal!

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