That’s one costly gesture! Tristan Thompson was fined a whopping $15,000 for flipping off fans at a recent Cleveland Cavaliers game, which is an even lighter fine than he could have earned if you can believe it, according to Cavs Nation. But that’s still a serious chunk of change for sure.

Tristan flipped his middle finger at hecklers on Monday, Dec. 3, at the Barclays Center after the Cavaliers were victorious in a 99–97 win over the Brooklyn Nets, Sports Illustrated reported. After contesting a particular move by a Nets player during the game, Tristan reportedly celebrated when the call went in his favor and put his hands in the air in celebration, facing the crowd. Well, someone in the crowd apparently wasn’t happy, because a Nets fan heckler reportedly said “get out of here, you bum,” and Tristan’s rude gesture in response was caught on video and got out to the public. Whoops.

On the bright side, Cavs Nation reported that Tristan got away with a lighter fine than the $25,000 fine the league gave Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley for other incidents with fans this week. So…it could have been worse?

Between this and his whole cheating scandal with Khloé Kardashian being dredged up in recent weeks on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it sounds like Tristan is having a rough couple of months.

But at least Tristan has a beautiful baby girl to brighten up his days! Recently, Khloé has been sharing all sorts of adorable photos and other updates about baby True Thompson, and that little girl is enough to make anyone smile! Even someone who’s potentially $15,000 in the hole for flipping off the heckler of a rival team at a basketball game.

Tristan and Khloé just have one little girl together, and they’re hopefully both working hard to make the upcoming holiday season magical for her — even if things are a little heated during games for Tristan, here’s hoping he can help the Kardashians make some Christmas magic for his baby girl off the court.

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