Ready to feel bad about the world? Khloé Kardashian‘s daughter True Thompson is only five months old, and she’s already facing racism and colorism in particular from Kardashian family “fans.” Recently, the adorable little girl was featured in a too-cute pic her aunt Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram. The shot was a little “photo shoot” of True and her cousins, Chicago West and Stormi Webster. And, uh, it was basically the best gift that Keeks ever gave the internet. All three babies are beautiful, and it was a treasure to see them all together for the first time. But not everyone was so grateful. 

“The Triplets,” Kim captioned the pic of the Kardashian babies who are all within just a few months of age. And while any Kardashian is prone to getting hate in the comments, little True bore the brunt of the negativity, with Instagram users being horrible AF and remarking rudely about how dark True is. “I hate that True is so dark, the other two are a nice mix,” read one awful comment. “True is so ugly… don’t at me!” said another. 

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True is darker than her cousins, and that’s just a fact. But it’s not a bad one, and it’s also a fact that she’s a gorgeous baby. Having darker skin doesn’t make her any less beautiful or adorable or wonderful than her lighter-skinned cousins. And, for God’s sake, she’s a baby. Can we not just let her live and grow and learn how to walk and talk without constant criticism? Luckily, plenty of other fans came to her defense and stood up to say what was right. “It’s actually so vile seeing what people say about Khloe Kardashians daughter,” read one post on social media. “Imagine receiving racist comments about your own child who is 5 MONTHS old.”

“Okay, so now we stan True Thompson,” wrote another Twitter user. “We may not care for her parents but that adorable little baby is getting such ugly colourist comments.” Others chimed in with more support. “The fact that there are people commenting on True Thompson Kardashian, the baby and saying nasty stuff because she’s a little darker is ridiculous,” commented a third. “She’s so cute and she’s a baby. Drop the colorism like permanently.”

Others used True as an example to prove that colorism really exists in our society. Though it’s hard to dispute racism’s existence (although some will certainly try), not everyone believes that similar discrimination exists when it comes to the different spectrum of skin colors that people of color can be. “For those of you who still don’t believe colorism is a thing, do me a favor and go read all the idiotic comments under the picture of Chicago West, Stormi Webster, and True Thompson,” read one poignant tweet. “People in the year of 2018 are calling a less than year old baby ‘Ugly’ because she is too Dark… I do my best not to say I hate people, but what I can say is I hate that people have convinced that this is just ‘their opinions’ and not something rooted in hatred and self loathing.”

While Khloé hasn’t responded to any of the hate, she has continued to shower her daughter — and all the little Kardashian babies — with plenty of affection. “They are beyond,” she commented on Instagram. And when a fan took to Twitter to celebrate the pic, writing, “I cannot deal with how f–king cute they all are!!!” Koko shared that too, adding, “Cousins,” with heart emojis. The internet may be filled with hate — but we’re glad that Khloé’s family is still just filled with love. 

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