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Triplets on ‘Extreme Sisters’ Plastic Surgery: Photos of Hannah, Katherine and Nadia Capasso

Triplets Hannah, Katherine and Nadia Capasso from Extreme Sisters share everything, including plastic surgery habits. The women debuted on the second season of the TLC show and revealed just how close they are.

“We share bras, clothing, shoes,” the trio shared in a teaser promo while explaining they all sleep in the same bed “with our legs entwined.” The triplets live together in the same Staten Island, New York, apartment.

Their older sister, Regina, blames their upbringing for why the triplets are so extremely close that it has affected the way they live. The women have had difficult times navigating romantic relationships and having mature adult experiences.

“They live in their own triplet bubble. I guess you could totally blame my family for that because we saw them as one and they were kind of treated as one,” Regina explained on the show. The triplets even made up their own language so they can communicate with each other when around other family members.

Hannah, Katherine and Nadia all share the same Instagram account where it is nearly impossible to tell them apart, except for Katherine’s red curls. The women have had matching lip fillers, facial fillers and nose jobs, but Hannah threw a wrench in being identical when she went up a size with her breast augmentation.

“I just decided to get my chest larger to match the image I liked,” she explained in a February 2023 video with Truly. Her sisters are now considering doing the same thing.

“We’ve been doing everything together since we were born, and we are never going to separate or be apart from each other,” Kathrine explained in the video, while Nadia said, “I’m so blessed that I was able to be born with two best friends from the beginning. We share everything.”

While they may look alike, the sisters have different personalities. Hannah described herself as a “Type-A person. I need to have structure. I need to be organized,” while Katherine calls herself, “more laid back and empathetic. I like to analyze things.” As for Nadia, she says she’s “very high energy. I feel like I’m the party one out of my sisters.”

“Some people call us childish. Some people call us immature, but there’s more to us than meets the eye,” Katherine vowed. The triplets have a successful streaming channel on Twitch and have made a name for themselves as talented gamers.

Scroll down to see photos of the Capasso triplets and their plastic surgery.

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