Fans will soon find out if TLC’s Extreme Sisters stars, identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, are still together with their boyfriend of 11 years, Ben Byrne. Keep reading for more details on their unconventional relationship.

Are Extreme Sisters’ Anna, Lucy and Ben Still Together?

All signs point to “Yes.” The sisters’ joint Instagram account posted a January 16 photo of the ladies seated on either side of Ben during a taping session for the program. “The second season of our reality show Extreme Sisters is about to wilder and closer than ever, and world’s most identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque and their shared boyfriend Ben and mom Jeana are back sharing their extreme journeys,” the caption read.

The ladies also shared a photo posing with Ben holding one twin in each of his arms as they rang in 2023. “Happy New Year from us all,” they wrote next to the January 1 Instagram post.

How Long Have Extreme Sisters’ Anna, Lucy and Ben Been Together?

The sisters from Perth, Australia, have been dating the electrical mechanic for 11 years. They live together, along with the twins’ mom and “best friend” Jeanette. Ben, Lucy and Anna even share a bed!

“Lucy is always on the left side, Anna is always on the right, and Ben is in the middle,” Jeanette explained to Fox News in April 2021.

“It’s a separate king-size bed, bigger than a king-size about an inch bigger … Maybe six inches bigger,” one of the twins told The Sun in February 2019 about their bed for three before getting their big break on TLC.

The three remain in bed together even if Ben is being intimate with one of the twins. “Yes, that’s it. That’s all we’re saying. We’re never apart,” one of the twins told the publication. Ben also never gets busy with one sister while the other is asleep. “That would never happen,” Lucy told the outlet. “There’s no jealousy in the relationship. If Ben kissed Anna, he will kiss me.”

Are Extreme Sisters Anna, Lucy Still Together With Ben
Courtesy of Anna and Lucy DeCinque/Instagram

How Did Anna and Lucy Meet Ben?

The sisters contacted Ben on Facebook at the urging of a mutual friend. Ben is a fraternal twin himself, and the pal thought it could be a good match. “We were upfront that we came as a package, and he insisted that was fine with him. Being a non-identical twin himself, he said that he understood our bond,” Lucy told The Sun.

The twins are adamant that they must share the same man. “We had separate boyfriends in the past and it did not work. We always have to have the same partner. When we had separate partners they always tried to separate us. It destroyed everything because we never want to be apart. For us sharing a boyfriend, it’s a lot easier for our lives,” Lucy explained to Fox News.

She added, “We want to live like one person. We need everything to be identical: our clothes, our makeup. I need to follow her wherever she goes so if she walks into the next room, I have to. We have to do the same steps, too.”

Do Anna, Lucy and Ben Want to Start a Family?

“If I get pregnant, I would like Anna to be pregnant because we want to experience pregnancy together, so that’s Ben’s job,” Lucy admitted to Fox, adding. “It’s going to be hard. But there’s treatments and new technology out there that would help us.”

Extreme Sisters season 2 premieres on Monday, January 23rd at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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