They’re sticking around! Though her brother-in-law Jacob Roloff might have become something of a rolling stone, Tori Roloff revealed she’s ready to put down some serious roots. On Thursday, October 17, the Little People, Big World star hosted an Instagram Q&A with her fans, and one of the questions she answered was about where she wants to live. Born and raised in Oregon, she’s decided she quite likes her home state.

Tori, 28, shared that enthusiasm with her followers after a fan asked, “Do you ever want to relocate to somewhere outside of the [Pacific Northwest]?” Without needing to consider the question, she simply answered, “No.” What’s more, she also made it known how much she loves the area. “PNW for lyyyyyfe!” she added on the post.

Tori Roloff Wants to Live in the Pacific Northwest Forever
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Now that baby No. 2 is almost here, the star is putting the finishing touches on her little girl’s room. “I can’t wait to show you all her nursery,” Tori told fans in September. “It’s coming together and I’m so proud of it. … It’s not finished yet though! I still have some details to fill in but will share when it’s all done.” Though she has experience with setting up a kid’s room for son Jackson, we suspect it’s a little different with a daughter.

When the star found out that she and husband Zach Roloff are having a girl, she pretty much freaked. “I screamed. And cried,” she admitted when a fan asked just how excited she was to hear the news. “I’ll share the video some time.” Though the couple didn’t have a public gender reveal — they already knew the baby’s gender by the time they announced they were expecting — their announcement photo suggested they did have one for the family. In the picture, Baby J can be seen holding a blue balloon and a pink balloon as his parents stand behind him.

But pregnancy hasn’t been all excitement and balloons. The soon-to-be mom of two has been dealing with a lot of health issues, including heartburn. In early October, she even turned to fans to find help with tried-and-true remedies. One of the worst parts of her pregnancy, though, is all the unsolicited comments she’s getting about her baby bump. When it comes to the phrase, “You look ready to pop!” Tori is tired of hearing it. So “keep that one to yourself,” please. Thanks.

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