Being pregnant is no easy feat, especially when it comes to people sharing unsolicited statements about the size of your baby bump. When it comes to Tori Roloff, though, there’s one comment in particular that she simply can’t stand. On Tuesday, October 15, the Little People, Big World star took to Instagram to share the one saying that drives her absolutely crazy.

“Wanna know what the single most annoying saying while you’re pregnant is?” Tori, 28, asked her followers. “Wow. You look ready to pop!” she shared. “Ya. Keep that one to yourself in my presence. Kthanksbyeeeee.”

Tori Roloff Wants You to Not Mention That Her Baby Bump Might Pop
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

We won’t say it quite that way, but Tori’s due date is inching ever closer. “We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November!” the star revealed in May. With just a few weeks left, though, the mama has admitted she’s struggling. “I get so frustrated not being able to do things on my own. I carried six towels up the stairs this morning to do some laundry and have been winded ever since,” she told fans in September. “I’ve never been good at asking for help and these days that’s all I ever do. I know this is a time to be selfish and slow down but it’s so hard to sit around while my husband works and my two-year-old wants attention.”

In addition to feeling tired, she’s had to deal with other physical ailments, too. Heartburn has been chief among them, and Tori even turned to her followers to ask for any tried-and-true remedies they’ve used. She’s also just straight-up “feeling like a whale” as she gets everything done around the house. Luckily, baby girl’s nursery is well on the way to finished. “I still have some details to fill in,” the soon-to-be mama of two admitted, “but [I] will share [pictures] when it’s all done.”

Also crossed off the checklist? Picking a name. At the end of August, the TLC star revealed she and hubby Zach Roloff have already decided what to call their daughter. While she opted out of giving fans any hints, instead sharing a smirking emoji face when fans asked, we know it’s going to be something adorable. Baby Roloff, we can’t wait to meet you — and we’re sure your mama is ready to get you out, too.

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