Thanks for the Scientology, dad! That’s the message Isabella Cruise had for her father, Tom Cruise, after she became an auditor within the religion. According to an email obtained by journalist Tony Ortega, the superstar’s older daughter recently became a ~success story~ and decided to share her testimony with the rest of the church. In a message sent to other Scientology members on March 19, she shared what her experience was like as she went through training and her internship, talked about what the experience meant to her and ultimately credited it all to her dad.

“Wow. What an accomplishment,” Bella, 26, wrote in the email. “This journey started with my training, and even that was a bullbait. I knew I needed it but every fibre of my being fought me on it. … The next thing was internship and lord knows I was not into it. I tried to get into it but it was even worse than the training. I had so many reasons and excuses as to why I didn’t need to do it and how it just wasn’t right for me. It turned out it was exactly what I needed.”

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Though she seems to have dragged her feet every step of the way, Bella continues, “This IS what I had been searching for. The missing piece. Suddenly everything began to make sense. My metering … Wow. It became clear I actually knew my metering. Even to the point of having any slight doubt on a read. I know it wasn’t a read. Beautiful thing about drilling, of course. The tech that I felt was wavering and on the verge of disappearing from my mind became part of me. I know it. Like really know it to the point that it’s just there man. I never thought I could know something like that.”

In the letter, the Scientologist jokes that she’s become “that annoying girl in the org who would just talk endlessly about how incredible training is and how phenomenal the internship is.” But she’s also incredibly sincere, calling the process “a gift to yourself and so many others,” claiming that “If you are going to make it as a being for the long run you NEED this. That’s the truth.” According to her, “the internship” is what “made” her a Scientologist: “I don’t just believe the tech works now. I know without any doubt that it does.”

But she didn’t do it alone. While thanking everyone who supported her through the process, she gives a shout out to her dad. “Thank you to my Dad for everything,” she says — and later goes on to thank someone else whose name you may recognize: “Thank you to LRH [L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology founder], on so many levels. I’d need another few centuries to even find the words.”

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