She's just trying to live an average-sized life. TLC just premiered its newest reality TV series My Little Life, and there's already a cast member who's standing out as a fan favorite. Timberlee is a 21-year-old living in McRae, AR and she's trying to navigate her life as a single mom while trying to be independent — which might be hard considering she still lives with her parents who are extremely overprotective.

Standing at 4 feet, 2 inches, Timberlee has omodysplasia dwarfism, which is a different and rare form of dwarfism. It differs from the more common from of dwarfism — which is achondroplasia — because people with omodysplasia have shorter limbs than people with achondroplasia and only nine other people in the world have omodysplasia.

"I grew up knowing that I am a little person, so it wasn’t something that my parents sat me down and said hey look youre not normal cause my mom is little," Timerlee said in her confessional.

Timberlee is a single mom to her three-year-old daughter named Addison, and she got pregnant with her when she was 18, just as she was starting her freshman year of college. Her baby daddy was her high school sweetheart, but when he found out that Timberlee was pregnant he decided that he didn’t want to deal with the responsibility of being a father at such a young age so he has not been a part of Addie’s life.

Addie does not have dwarfism so she is learning how to navigate motherhood with a child who will eventually outgrow her. But even though that may be a challenge, Timberlee doesn’t look at her omodysplasia as a negative thing. She’s actually grateful that it has given her a different perspective on life and she said she wouldn’t change it.

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Despite her stature, Timberlee is just an average single mom trying to do her best to raise her child. She works two full-time jobs and she hopes to be financially stable enough to move out of her parents’ home because they often overstep her when it comes to parenting Addie. Timerlee thought she had the perfect opportunity to leave her parents' house in Arkansas and move back to the family's original home state of Illinois with her high school best friend, but her parents didn't think it was the best idea and they want her to stay at home with them until she finishes college. Fans will have to tune in to the rest of the season to see if Timberlee can change their minds.

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