The Little Couple star Jen Arnold‘s daughter Zoey joined her for Instagram Live on Wednesday, August 10, and said “I promise” to return on the show for another season, although her mom quickly had to clarify her remarks.

While Jen, 48, was trying to share an “update” on the family’s move into their six-bedroom, five and a half-bathroom house in the Boston area, Zoey cut in, saying, “We’ll go back on The Little Couple, and don’t believe mom. If I’m a grownup, I’ll promise I’ll be back.”

Jen then responded, “Zoey wants to be back on The Little Couple, but right now—,” before Zoey interrupted, saying, “No, we will, we will.”

“No, we hope so,” the mom of two replied, before Zoey said, “No, not hope so, we will.”

“I wish I could make that happen,” the program director of the Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Program said. “No, I can, mom,” Zoey answered.

“You gotta call Mr. David Sazlav,” the neonatologist said. “Who’s Mr. David Sazlav?” Zoey asked, before Jen explained, “He owns Discovery+ and TLC. You can say, ‘Hey, Mr. Sazlov, I wanna be back on The Little Couple.'”

“I don’t what she’s talking about, so don’t listen to her,” Zoey said, before Jen chimed in, “She’s in charge as you can all tell.”

Jen previously told In Touch in an exclusive May 2022 video interview that the series was “probably not” going to return.

“The network has sort of said that they’re good for now,” she said at the time. “Our contracts were up at the beginning of the pandemic, and we talked about going back and forth about starting again.”

Little Couple's Jen Arnold and Bill Klein Are Proud Parents See Son William and Daughter Zoey Now
Courtesy of Jen Arnold/Instagram

However, she added that she and husband Bill Klein, who also share son Will, aren’t opposed to the idea of another season. “But I think for us in general, it’s always been, it depends at that moment,” she revealed. “In terms of making sure that it’s a good decision for the kids.”

The former TLC star said that Will and Zoey “miss the crew” and that all four of them considered the people who worked on the their “other family” after “pretty good bonds” were formed with the “wonderful producers” and the crew.

“We’re kind of chugging along, enjoying our work and, and I think we’re exploring other things,” she said. “Like maybe there’s an opportunity to do other things in media that are different than The Little Couple.”

The Little Couple, which first aired in 2009, ran for 14 seasons before its final episode in September 2019.

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