Show time! The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno is known for her fiery personality, but Pedro Jimeno’s little sister decided to take things up a notch and compete in the Miss Universe Dominican Republic pageant. Keep scrolling to find out if Nicole took home the crown of Miss Universe Dominican Republic. 

What Is Miss Universe Dominican Republic?

The Miss Universe pageant consists of preliminary interviews, a swimsuit and evening gown competition, along with a final question round, which sets to determine “the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure,” according to the organization’s website

Nicole Jimeno Revealed Her Glam Makeover

From losing the braces to breast augmentation, Nicole has been stepping up her look. On the latest season of The Family Chantel, she decided to push it further by announcing she decided to compete in the Miss Universe Dominican Republic pageant. While she hired a runway coach, he wasn’t very optimistic due to her lack of experience.

“Nicole, she has experience, but after six years without competing, one forgets that,” her trainer, Stalin, explained to producers in Spanish. “She has to start from scratch, and she is very raw. And really in this contest, there are girls more beautiful than her. So, she has to work hard … because it is a difficult competition to win. Here the winner goes on to Miss Universe.” 

As Nicole trains for the pageant, she also opted for fillers in her chin to modify her look. “The pageant is coming up quick, and I am working very hard for it,” she explained in a confessional, but added her runway trainer has been discouraging. “But when I talked to Stalin in the studio, was very difficult for me because Stalin tried me, like, ‘You’re not good for that. You need more.’” 

Did Nicole Jimeno Win Miss Dominican Republic?

Despite hiring a runway coach and changing up her image, Nicole did not win the title of Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2021.

The Family Chantel alum placed in the top 10, falling short to make the top 5 after the Q&A round. 

“When they didn’t call me to the top five, I saw my mom’s face and for me, that was the worst,” she explained in Spanish in a confessional. “I think I didn’t cry on stage because I’m a very strong woman, but I said, ‘I let my mom down. I didn’t make it.’ And that’s what I kept repeating over and over in my head, ‘I didn’t make it.’ For me, it was the most devastating moment of my entire life.” 

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