Looking good, boys! Duggar family fans have always known that Jeremiah is the hot brother and that Jedidiah gets plenty of love, too, but the thirst reached a new level over their lastest pic. On Monday, Jan. 7, Michelle Duggar posted a new photo of her twin sons helping her clean out the pantry — and her followers pretty much lost their minds. Only for once, it wasn’t about the boys. This time, the thirst was for the pantry itself.

If you’ve been following the family since their 19 Kids and Counting days, you might already know that Jim Bob Duggar used to work at a grocery store. When his family started growing, he put those stock-shelving skills to use, and he taught his family how to help. So when you take a peek into the Duggar family’s pantry, it looks almost exactly like the inside of a market. And fans simply couldn’t contain their lust.

“I’m not going to lie… This pantry is a thing of beauty. I’m jealous every time I see it,” wrote one commenter. “Can I go shopping in your pantry?” joked another. “It’s like your own personal store!” added a third, awe-struck by all the cans neatly lining the shelves. The size was also what got everyone. “That pantry is bigger than my kitchen and living room combined,” read a comment. And another still had an expert tip for the 20-year-olds: “Hope they’re not forgetting to rotate the older date food. I worked like that sorting selves way back in my local supermarket.”

But of course, there was still plenty of love to go around for Jed and Jer, too. “Way to go boys! You’re welcome here anytime to share your expertise in Ohio!” a fan teased while someone else shared, “The boys have grown into such handsome young men!” They definitely have — but to be honest, we’re having trouble checking them out. Who’s looking at the boys when you’ve got a picture of a pantry like this?

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