After taking some time off from The Challenge, Tony Raines made his return for season 4 of All Stars in 2024. Since he had to leave the show for an unspecified family emergency, fans are curious to know more about his wife and kids.

Who Is The Challenge’s Tony Raines’ Wife?

Tony is married to his high school sweetheart Alyssa Giacone. The couple tied the knot in Louisiana on October 14, 2023.

However, making it down the aisle took many years. Tony and Alyssa started dating in high school and were together off-and-on in the years that followed. In 2014, Tony appeared on The Real World: Skeletons and Alyssa arrived in the house midway through the season as a “skeleton” from his past. Since Tony had already struck up a romance with roommate Madison Channing Walls, there was a lot of tension.

While Tony and Alyssa eventually got back together, he was publicly caught cheating on her with Camila Nakagawa during The Challenge: Dirty 30 in 2017. “I’m beyond upset at myself and regardless how it comes across on air I blame no one but myself,” Tony wrote on social media at the time. “Maybe I’ve apologized too many times or not enough about all the mistakes I’ve made but I am very aware of my issues and everyday I’m growing up and maturing.”

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Alyssa stayed with Tony after the incident and they got engaged in October 2018. He proposed while filming the live Challenge: Final Reckoning reunion special and the sweet moment aired on MTV that December.

During the proposal, Tony got choked up while saying, “Obviously this season was a disappointment for me because I wanted to go to that final and I wanted to take home my share of a million dollars. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that, and the only thing I can think of that’s better than winning a million dollars is Alyssa making me the happiest man in the world.”

Tony and Alyssa’s wedding was scheduled for 2020 but had to be postponed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They rescheduled for 2021 but had their plans derailed once more when Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana.

In September 2021, Tony revealed that he and Alyssa lost their home in the storm. The reality star’s wife also suffered a head injury and was briefly “unresponsive.”

the challenges tony raines family meet his wife and kids

“She had received a blow to the head when the ceiling came crashing in that knocked her out,” Tony shared. “Her hand was also severely wounded. We were able to make it to the hall bathroom with my daughter, who was thankfully unscathed, and attempted to call 911 for help with Alyssa’s injuries but it was too late. The storm made it impossible for emergency services to get to us.” It wasn’t until nearly 10 hours later that Alyssa was able to make it to the hospital for stitches.

Who Is Tony Raines’ Oldest Daughter Harper?

Tony shares his oldest daughter, Harper, with Madison. She was born in February 2016.

Tony and Madison continued dating after filming The Real World but announced their split in February 2015 while Madison was pregnant.

“Alright, everyone is asking and yes, Madison and I did split up,” Tony shared at the time. “The reason, I’m not sure if that should be made public. I’ll leave it up to her out of respect, even tho I was hurt … I never wanted things this way but I trust God has a plan.”

Harper turned 8 in February 2024. She is a competitive cheerleader in Texas.

Who Has Custody of Tony Raines’ Daughter Harper?

In 2018, Tony became embroiled in a custody battle for Harper. In July of that year, Madison’s parents filed to request sole custody of the then-toddler, according to documents obtained by RadarOnline. Madison eventually signed over custody to her mom and dad.

Tony rejected the arrangement and told his side of the story on Instagram Live that September. “I just believe if a mother is not capable, or signs her rights over and is not going to raise her child, then the father deserves that opportunity,” he said. “That’s an opportunity I would love to have and that’s why I’m fighting and going to court.” He also clapped back at Madison’s parents’ claims that he was not an involved parent.

“The conservatorship is because it’s our family raising Harper,” Madison’s mom claimed. “Tony isn’t involved. We just want to protect her.”

In October 2018, Madison, who opened up about her past drug addictions while appearing on The Real World, revealed why her parents had stepped in to care for Harper. “I really wanted to focus on redirecting my life in a way,” she said on Instagram Live. “I wanted to move forward. I was super depressed. I wasn’t the healthiest I’ve ever been. I needed to regroup. I went to therapy and went to AA meetings. I was doing some soul searching.”

That same month, Tony admitted that he couldn’t speak publicly about what was happening with Harper. “We are still currently going through the custody process and awaiting the court date,” he explained. “It’s still very, very sensitive, something we take day-by-day and I really hate that it got to this point.”

The group was able to come to a temporary arrangement. The agreement set specific dates that Tony would have access to Harper from December 2018 until February 2019.

At the end of 2018, Madison and Tony’s case was sealed by a judge, RadarOnline confirmed. Because the documents were sealed, no further updates have been given about Harper’s custody arrangement. However, both parents seem to spend time with the youngster now.

Who Is Tony Raines’ Daughter Isla?

Tony’s youngest daughter, Isla, was born in November 2016, just nine months after Harper’s birth. He shares Isla with Alyssa, as the two got back together following Tony’s split from Madison in 2015.

Tony and Alyssa announced her pregnancy in April 2016. Isla lives with her parents full-time in Louisiana.

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