TLC is doubling down on its polygamy programming after Sister Wives proved to be a hit. The cable channel's new show Seeking Sister Wife introduces us to three families — the Brineys, the Snowdens, and the Alldredges — as they prepare to add another spouse to the mix.

And Seeking Sister Wife could practically be a Sister Wives spinoff, given the overlap between the Alldredges and the Browns! Here's how the family — patriarch Jeff Alldredge, wives Vanessa and Sharis, and their seven kids — fits into the picture.

Jeff and Vanessa met at the home of Sister Wives star Kody Brown

The Alldredges actually owe a debt of gratitude to the Brown fam, as a reddit user discovered in a message Sharis Alldredge posted on the Seeking Sister Wife Facebook fan page.

"We know the Brown family really well," Sharis said, per this redditor. "Jeff and Kody go way back … Before they moved to Vegas, we would go to their house about once a month to watch UFC. Jeff and Vanessa [actually] met at Kody's!"

They have another connection to the Sister Wives family

The Alldredges and the Browns crossed paths again when Vanessa Alldredge's brother Mitch Thompson popped the question to Aspyn Brown, Christine and Kody's daughter, this December.

"We are both so excited to start our life together," Aspyn told People of her engagement to Mitch. "We were raised in the same church group, and I had a little crush on him. We went different directions until a rally some of my family attended in Utah, where we both happened to be. My dad's brother asked whatever happened between us, which was nothing because neither of us did anything about it. So I decided to call him." (And the rest is history!)

The Alldredges have gotten backlash for appearing on the show

In a Facebook post this January, Sharis said many people are upset that her family is participating in Seeking Sister Wife. And she confessed that she too had reservations about being a reality star.

"When TLC approached us with the idea of this show, I was terrified and said 'No,'" Sharis recalled. "How could I risk everything that I loved and expose my family to the world that hated me?"

Ultimately, though, Sharis realized the show might make the world more tolerant of polygamy and life easier for her family. "Am I still afraid?" she wrote. "Yes. But I want to be an example of courage for my children. And courage is not living without fear. Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway. Are there still risks involved with exposing myself and my family? Yes. But I hope I am always able to risk everything for the just and right cause."

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