They may have never been in a relationship, but Cheyenne Floyd can read Cory Wharton like a book — so when his girlfriend, Taylor Selfridge, got pregnant, she was one of the first to know. While talking exclusively with In Touch, the Teen Mom OG star reveals she “guessed” the couple was expecting “weeks” before they ever broke the news.

“It [was] maybe, like, three weeks before Cory actually told me,” Cheyenne, 27, says. “He’s one of those people who, like, you can just tell everything about them. Everything always is on his face.” She decided to take the direct approach and hit up Cory, 27, over text — but when he left her on read, she let the silence speak for itself.

“I kind of assume that she was pregnant because he would’ve just said no, but I let him tell me in his own time,” the MTV mama continues. “He told me maybe a few weeks later, and I’m excited for them. It didn’t come as a shock, honestly.” When the news broke the Real World alum and his girlfriend are having a little girl of their own, Chey couldn’t wait to see how they handle it. “It’s going to be interesting to see how he balances all of these females in his life,” she teases.

For the most part, though, the California cutie is focusing on daughter Ryder and making sure she’s ready to have a little sibling. “Ryder’s excited to be a big sister,” Chey says. “Ryder has grown up with Baaz, my nephew. We all live together, so she saw my sister go through her pregnancy. So she’s been around people [who] are pregnant and [has seen] a baby when they’re an infant, and Baaz is 1 now. So it wasn’t hard for her to understand.”


According to her mom, the 3-year-old is “definitely ready” and “knows what to do” when there’s a baby in the house. “She was excited from the beginning … [and understands] that there’s a baby in Taylor’s tummy and that she’s a [big] sister,” the star says, revealing she’s looking forward to seeing how Ryder grows into that role. “It’s gonna be a fun process to watch.”

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