Baby daddy drama. When Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Rachel introduced herself earlier this season, fans were shocked to learn she wasn’t sure about the identity of her child’s father. But in an even more shocking twist, her older sister, Malorie, is also a teen mom who doesn’t know who her baby daddy is. In an In Touch exclusive sneak peek from the November 26 episode, Malorie opens up about the two men who could possibly be the father of her daughter.

“Malorie was on and off with two boyfriends in high school. Alex had always been good to her, but Lane was physically abusive. She had finally broken up with Lane and just got back together with Alex when she found out she was pregnant. So in that way, thing are similar between us. But I never want to get a paternity test, and Malorie does,” Rachel explained in a voice-over.

While talking over lunch, Malorie explained that Alex has not really been in Emerson’s life. “He was at first cause he was like, whenever I first found out I was pregnant, I was with him. He was like, ‘I hope you raise her, I don’t care if it’s not biologically mine.’ And I was like, ‘Cool, but I want her real dad in her life,’” Malorie said.

She explained Alex was willing to go through with taking a DNA test, but he is currently away in the Marines. Malorie had a plan to let Alex’s twin sister take the test for him. While she’s anxious to learn her daughter’s paternity, there are cons to both men being her child’s father.

“Either way, I’m f—ked because Alex, I didn’t let him see this child until she was 8 months old. He’s never even met Emerson. And if it’s Lane’s, he’s crazy crazy,” Malorie said.

But besides her child’s paternity drama, Malorie also dropped another bombshell. “I want what’s best for her. So I might give temporary custody to my mom [but I haven’t done that yet],” Malorie said. Watch the full clip above.

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