It’s not her first time on our TV! Bristol Palin may be joining the cast of MTV‘s Teen Mom OG, but it’s hardly her small screen debut. And no, we’re not just talking about the news coverage following her mom’s bid for Vice President. We’re talking about that time Bristol guest starred on another show about teen moms. Anything coming back to you yet? It was The Secret Life of the American Teenager, aka the show that shot Shailene Woodley to stardom. 

Yep, back in the day, Bristol had a cameo on the ABC Family hit. And, uh, it was definitely… something. In the episode from 2010, Bristol played herself as a teen mom at a music program where Amy, Shailene’s character, had just started. Recently, Teen Mom fans on reddit unearthed the clip, and they had plenty to say about it. But first, let’s refresh our memories. 

“Flashback to when Bristol was literally the stiffest actor ever,” wrote the user who first shared the clip. “The acting in that show was horrible in general…but that was just awful,” commented another. “Wow I used to think all the acting in that show was bad, but she really makes everyone else’s acting look exceptional by being so ?,” said a third, while a fourth simply quoted Bristol’s performance back: “Come on we have to get going ?.”

While redditors were definitely having fun with the clip — and reminiscing over the good-bad show in general — we were able to see one silver-lining with this video reemerging. Now when you see Bristol on Teen Mom, you’ll know that she’s being 100% real. No fake drama for her. When this one-time teen mom gets in a fight or calls out her ex, there will be no question that she’s being totally genuine — because if she were acting, well, you’d be able to tell pretty much right away. 

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