Teen Mom 2 alum Jade Cline and her mom, Christy Smith, have had a rough relationship that has played out on screen since season 1 of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant in 2018. Keep reading for everything we know about where their relationship currently stands. 

What Happened Between Jade Cline and Her Mom on ‘Family Reunion’?

Despite years of bumps in their relationship, including accusations of drug use, arrests and blowup arguments on camera, Jade told producers during filming of Family Reunion that she and her mom “get along pretty good.”

“I definitely don’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings at all,” she said during a confessional. “I just know that my mom gets on my damn nerves.”

According to Christy, she and Jade had been “getting a lot closer” for the year leading up to their trip to Oregon, which was filmed in September 2022. However, during an exercise with Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, Christy opened up about giving up on life. 

“Jade, I hope you can forgive me, while I work on forgiving myself,” she said through tears while looking in a mirror. After watching the clip, Jade claimed that was the first time her mom had ever apologized to her. 

Where Do Jade Cline and Her Mom Stand Today?

The Indiana native revealed via TikTok in February 2023 that her mom and stepdad both entered rehab for substance abuse. 

“Over the last six months, me and my parents’ relationship hadn’t been really close or really tight due to their own choices,” she said on February 22. “I felt like they weren’t really doing well in their current life. I’ve learned a lot about loving an addict and I’ve learned a lot about boundaries and it’s important to do what you need to do for your own mental health.” 

She continued by asking fans to “send positive vibes” because the “journey won’t be easy.”

“My mom and dad are both doing really well in treatment!” she captioned the video, adding that Christy and her husband are in separate facilities in different states, 

Where Is Jade Cline’s Dad?

The MTV personality opened up about her father for the first time in an unseen clip from season 2 of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, which was later shared during the Aftermath special. 

“My dad, you know, [committed] suicide when I was a child,” she revealed Coach B during an emotional exercise in Oregon. “No one knows him, because he passed away so early. I think me and my aunt hold this bond, of like, we can mourn him.”

Jade went on to say that she felt it was “important” to talk about suicide and depression. 

“I feel like with my mom and my [stepdad], I felt like it was rude of me to ask stuff because I felt like I was gonna hurt my [stepdad’s] feeling by bringing up my biological dad,” she added. “I think it was traumatic for everyone involved.”

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