Major drama! Teen Mom fans have followed as drama between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus simmered online following a reported blowup fight during the filming of Teen Mom: Family Reunion. But what were the moms fighting about? Keep reading for everything we know about the drama.

What Happened Before the ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ Fight?

As the girls and their moms arrived at the Oregon resort for season 2 of the MTV spinoff series, tensions were boiling between Briana and Ashley, and their respective mothers. 

“I honestly don’t know if Ashley’s coming, but since last season, there’s been a lot of weird internet drama,” Briana told producers ahead of Ashley’s arrival. “We all made a pact that we wasn’t gonna talk s–t about each other on the internet. If there was anything that we wanted to discuss, we would go to each other privately. Everybody else on the franchise has done that, except for Ashley [sic].”

When the California native finally arrived, she said she had “no words for Briana” or her mother. “I’m here for everything else and everybody else,” she added. 

According to Ashley, the drama began after Briana reportedly said she wanted to “spit” on former costar Kailyn Lowry

“So I made a comment that said, ‘Ain’t nobody spittin’ on nobody. This is going too far.’ Briana didn’t like that and so it turned into a whole f–king thing,” Ashley claimed. 

While Ashley’s story showed her defending her friend, Roxanne DeJesus, Briana’s mother, recalled a different series of events. 

“Briana was having a falling out with Kail. Ashley went on Live and started talking s–t and then her mom just ran her mouth on social media about my daughter,” she said. 

MTV cleared up the confusion as she included a clip of Ashley from an Instagram Live saying, “Stop being a weak ass, punk ass bitch. Say what you gotta say, say it with your chest. Say it with your implants and mean it.”

While Ashley’s mom, Pastor Tea, shared an image via her social media which read, “Grannies who been filming for years and still live with they kids and don’t have nothing going on. It’s beneath me. [sic]”

Although the girls made it clear that they were choosing to avoid each other in order to keep the peace, that didn’t last long as tensions boiled over. 

What Happened During the ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’ Fight?

As the group sat down to dinner during night two, things took a turn for the worse after Catelynn Baltierra said, “We’re the only ones who can truly understand each other, so we should not be going behind each other’s backs.”

“We should not be talking s–t about each other,” Catelynn added, before Bri’s mom, Roxanne DeJesus, chimed in with, “I think moms should not be harassing or talking s–t about someone else’s daughter on the show.”

Seemingly feeling like Roxy’s comment was directed at her, Pastor Tea asked, “What’s the problem, Roxanne?”

“The problem is that your daughter inserted herself in a situation that she had no business inserting herself,” Roxy said. “She inserted herself on a lie, when she had no business to do what she did. She was so f–king disrespectful, shame on her.”

Tea didn’t take Roxy’s words well as she repeatedly screamed, “I don’t give a f–k, bitch,” from across the table.

“I don’t involve myself in kids s–t. But you better believe when you mention my daughter and you a grandmama, I’m coming for your motherf–king ass,” Tea shouted. 

Things finally seemed to calm down after producers pulled Briana and Roxanne aside. 

“You expressed yourself and you made your points. They’re not gonna always be solved right away, right? But if we think we can all, just kind of like, be in the same vicinity,” one producer said before Roxy agreed to keep her distance. 

However, while all four of the ladies were in the kitchen, Roxy squeezed by and brushed Tea, who did not take the bump well. 

“Are you gonna say ‘excuse me?’” she demanded. “When I walk by people, I say ‘excuse me.’ You know we got funk.”

Things went from zero to 100 after Ashley spit in Briana’s face. Ultimately Ashley and her mother were asked to get a hotel for the night, for their “safety.” Briana and Roxanne were also asked to spend the night in a separate hotel. 

What Has the Cast Said Since the Fight?

Following the airing of the blowup during the Tuesday, January 17, episode, some of the ladies took to social media to share their thoughts. 

“I have to show empathy to Ashley’s situation … I don’t necessarily think she was upset with me but I was the only person to lash out on,” Briana shared via Twitter, according to screenshots captured by blogger Teen Mom Fanz. “I don’t think spitting was the ideal thing to do … I’d much rather gotten hit but it is what it is. I don’t take it personal and I’m not even mad anymore. [sic]”

Jade Cline also took to Twitter following the episode to say, “MTV knew what they were doing.”

“They were putting everyone in a situation that wasn’t going to be healthy or smart. After all that happened, they shouldn’t have been on stage together,” she added. “[People] wanna outgrow that drama s–t. Removing yourself sometimes is best.”

She continued, “The amount of people that think spitting on someone is funny is disturbing.”

“What’s wrong is wrong… and what’s right is right. PERIOD,” Catelynn chimed in via Twitter

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