Not all hate! Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans‘ husband David Eason has been doing a pretty good job keeping himself in the public eye even after he got fired from Teen Mom 2 earlier this year over a controversial tweet — but it’s always for the wrong reasons. This time, David is getting some rare positive attention after he shared a photo of himself with Jenelle’s son Jace after a father-son hunting outing.

“Me and Jace had a blast killing squirrels yesterday! He has a great shot! I taught him how to skin and clean them, and yes we do eat these critters. They are actually very delicious, got em on marinate right now! #squirrel #squirrelhunting #22 #wayoflife,” David, 30, wrote in the caption.

In the pic, David and Jace both smiled at the camera while David held a rifle and Jace held the dead squirrel up by its tail. Fans flooded the comments and many of them said they also enjoy eating squirrels, some were grossed out that David and Jenelle would feed squirrel meat to their family.

“I’m sorry but eww, they are just cute rats!! LMAO,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Jenelle doesn’t go to the grocery store? They just eat every animal in their yard?”

Other fans pointed out that it was nice to see Jace and David enjoying some quality time together. “It’s nice seeing you do things with Jace like that! He definitely needs time bonding with you teaching him how to do man things! Nice picture!” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Jace is really lucky to have someone like you! I always thank my husband and tell him how important it is to teach our kids this kind of stuff!”

David also took to his Instagram Story to show fans his favorite way of preparing squirrel meat: by breading it, pan-frying it, and then making a gravy with the grease to serve it with. Yum?

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