A shoulder to lean on! Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline got some much-needed moral support from her friend and fellow Teen Mom 2 costar Briana DeJesus ahead of her plastic surgery procedure.

“I think that I’m a confident person but I also think everyone has their own insecurities and I feel like I’m not totally satisfied with how I look. So, I’m getting a Brazilian butt lift, where they do 360 [liposuction],” Jade, 23, said in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek for the Tuesday, June 1 episode.

“I had a different mindset or like, an image of what I thought I was going to eventually look like. I thought I would like, have bigger boobs or I thought I would at least be a little more curvy. I just thought I would grow into it as I got older, so like I definitely wanted to move some fat from like, my midsection area and then just kind of distribute it differently,” the MTV personality continued. “I talked to Briana about wanting it, because she had one too, she was the one like, ‘You should definitely go for it.’ But I think having this surgery would make me a lot more happy in my own skin and just feeling more confident about who I am.”

The day before her flight, Jade stepped out to her car to FaceTime with Briana, 27, where they discussed the details of Jade’s trip to Miami. Jade would be accompanied to Florida by her parents, her best friend, her best friend’s son, her boyfriend Sean Austin and their daughter Kloie. Jade admitted to Briana that she was feeling “nervous” but “excited.”

teen mom 2 briana gives jade plastic surgery advice
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“What are you most nervous about, are they putting you to sleep?” Briana asked and Jade confirmed. “OK, well then that’s good because some doctors don’t put people to sleep,” Briana assured her.

The New York native went on to give Jade some more advice. “I will say, not to scare you, it’s gonna hurt. You’re gonna wake up and it’s gonna hurt. You’re not gonna feel great. Like after the third day, you’ll be able to do things on your own but make sure somebody’s there with you because you won’t be able to get up by yourself, you won’t be able to use the bathroom by yourself, you won’t be able to wipe yourself,” she explained.

Jade said her mother used to be a surgical nurse so she would be able to check her incisions to make sure everything was healing correctly. “She’s gonna stay in the other, in my, the house with me like right after my surgery, obviously, to be checking in on me,” Jade explained. “But we can’t be around each other for too long.”

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