Under the knife again! Teen Mom 2 stars Briana DeJesus and Brittany DeJesus returned to Miami for another plastic surgery procedure in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, July 6 episode.

In the clip, Briana’s best friend Shae was waiting for her in the recovery room, and she called Briana’s mom, Roxanne DeJesus, to share a post-op update.

“She just got out now, she’s waking up now,” Shae told Roxanne via a FaceTime call. “Bri, you can breathe?” Roxanne asked her daughter and she nodded yes. “Make sure you drink fluids, alright? I love you,” Roxanne told Briana, 27.

Shae promised Roxanne she would keep her updated before they hung up the call. Later that day, Briana was discharged and headed to a hotel room where she and Brittany, 29, would be staying overnight to recover before they return back home to Orlando. The following day, Brittany and Briana shared an update on their recovery progress with Shae.

teen mom 2 briana plastic surgery luis

“I’m OK, just tired and sore,” Briana said. “We’re about to get a massage soon because I am so swollen that she said she has to massage me,” Brittany said.
Briana said she spoke to her daughters, Stella and Nova, and both Bri and Britt seemed eager to return home. “We’ll all be fine,” Briana said.

But it seems like Briana’s peaceful recovery process will be disrupted. In the car ride back to Orlando, she revealed Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez, had reached out to her while she was in Miami.

“Speaking of the kids, Luis texted me like right after I got out of surgery and he was just like, ‘Is Stella home? I want to see her,’” Briana told Shae. “I said a few things, and I said, ‘You can’t just come in and out of Stella’s life whenever you feel like it. You’re either in or you’re either out, you can’t do this to her.’ And he was like, ‘I just wanna see Stella,’ and I was just like, ‘Well, I’m not home, so if you want to see Stella, you’ll have to coordinate that with my mother.’ It’s like, he says he’s gonna come and then he doesn’t come, and then he comes five days later and then he goes missing again, it’s just like, ridiculous.”

Shae asked what Briana tells Stella when her dad pops back into her life. “It’s really hard, like I don’t think I’m ever gonna tell her if he’s coming or not until he shows up cause it’s not fair to her,” she said. “So I don’t know if he texted my mom or not, so I have no idea.”

As their car pulled up in front of Briana’s house, Shae recognized Luis’ car outside. Fans will have to tune in to find out what happens next!

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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