In tonight’s new episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets, the Waldrop family finally get the chance to really meet their new babies. And from the second that mom Courtney lays eyes on one of them, she knows she’s going to be the leader of the pack. As the now-mom of nine is wheeled in to visit her infants while still in her hospital bed, she and her sons take notice of all the sweet little things that set each baby apart — like who has big brother Saylor’s nose, who has hair, and who’s the biggest. 

Because although the sextuplets are still just little newborns, none of them even weighing three pounds just yet, there’s one that stands out from the rest. “This is Rivers,” introduces one of the members of the medical staff all crowded into the room. “She weighed 2 lbs 13 oz.” And while another staff member told parents Courtney and Eric that all the girls were the bigger ones, they clarify now that Rivers weighed the most. “She was the last baby and the biggest baby,” they tell the family. “She’s gonna be in charge,” someone adds.

The Waldrop babies, who all have unique names, still have a long way to go, though. Because there were six of them, they were born a little premature — and all much smaller than the average single baby is at birth. “These babies are small, and their systems are immature,” a member of the medical team clarifies. “They can have problems with any of their systems. Their intestines cannot work, their brain may not work, their heart and lungs may have problems. Now that the babies have delivered at 30 weeks, we expect Courtney and Eric to be able to take them home in about seven weeks.”

Luckily, a quick glance at the family’s Instagram reveals that all of the sextuplets seems to be doing pretty well these days. And, just as they predicted, Rivers definitely seems to have a leg up on her siblings. While all the sextuplets were playing in the family’s home, it was Rivers that charged over to her parents, crawling across the room way faster than you might expect. And when she gets to the camera, she immediately starts posing — it’s too cute. 

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Playtime after big brother’s football games!!🤗

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It won’t be long until everyone else catches up. But we can definitely see Rivers being the queen bee in this set of six. 

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