Hold up, are we seeing double? Audrey Roloff just posted a baby picture of herself on her Instagram story and she looks exactly like Ember Roloff. The mother-daughter duo could legit be twins — you know, if they were both still one year old instead of Auj being 27. “This is baby me,” the former Little People Big World star captioned the pic. “Ember makes that exact face.” And in the next pic, yep, Ember’s making that same face. We’re kind of obsessed. Watch the video above to see what we’re talking about. 

How adorable is that? It also gives us hope that little Ember may still turn out to be a redhead just like Audrey. Though she doesn’t have much hair yet, what she does have is pretty light, though it seems kind of blonde-orangey. Fingers crossed! We’ll have to wait for it to come in a little more to get an idea of what it’ll actually look like when she’s older, though. 

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We are back in Bend this week visiting our friends and church family💗 We spent the whole day biking around with Ember and showing her this place that will always hold such a strong piece of our hearts. It’s not just the river, lakes, skiing, sunshine, coffee shops and breweries that romanced us… it’s the sense of community, hospitality, and entrepreneurial spirit that makes this place so special. People are more concerned with connection than convenience here. It’s not uncommon to find yourself 30 minutes into a meaningful conversation with the person sitting next you you at the coffee shop, or the mom in line behind you at the grocery store, or the gas attendant, or the person who rode up the chairlift with you, or the people floating next to you on the river. People hang out on their front porch here. They leave their garage doors open during the day. They know their neighbors. It’s an atmosphere that Jer and I want to be more intentional about pursuing and creating back home. I love this quote from Rosiaria Butterfield, “The gospel call that renders strangers into neighbors into family of God is all pretty straight up when you read the Bible, especially the book of Acts. And it requires both hosts and guests – not just one or the other – as giving and receiving and good and sacred and connect people and communities in important ways.” #journeyofjerandauj

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But Ember’s already growing up so fast. Earlier this month, she celebrated her first birthday with plenty of friends, family, and, of course, cake. She may have ended up wearing more of the frosting than she ate, but hey, what else are first birthdays for? She’s also getting close to being able to walk on her own, and is even managing a few steps at a time. 

“Her personality has come out SOOO much this week,” Auj wrote on Instagram. “She is just so dang fun to play with and her facial expressions are out of this world hilarious. I love the way she shrugs her shoulders when she smiles, kisses her stuffed animals, and neck hugs me so tight ? She is eager to explore and discover new things and is determined to walk now;) We are averaging about 10 steps before falling now.”

It won’t be long until Ember’s all grown up. If she continues to be mommy’s little mini-me, though, then we know she’s on the right path. 

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