Hunter McKnight and Tevin Davis have responded to the online fan speculation that they are dating after appearing on season 46 of Survivor together. The men both took to X on Wednesday, May 15, after seeing their names trending because of a fan rumor that they were more than friends.

“Me coming to see why my name is trending,” Tevin, 25, wrote, along with a video of a woman bursting out laughing. Hunter, 28, gave more context in his response, adding, “I think it’s a joke, but in case anyone is confused, those rumors aren’t true.”

The fake rumor started after a fan took a photo with the reality television contestants at a gas station on Tuesday, May 14. Survivor fans ran wild with their thoughts about the implications of the photo, but the men have simply remained close friends since filming the show, just like many other contestants over the years.

Hunter and Tevin were both on the dominant Nami tribe at the beginning of season 46 and formed an alliance. However, Tevin was voted out shortly after the merge, leaving Hunter completely on his own because he didn’t go along with the plan. At the very next tribal council, Hunter was the next boot, as he failed to play his hidden immunity idol and save himself.

Being sent home right after each other meant that Hunter and Tevin had plenty of time to continue building their friendship at Ponderosa, which is where jury members spend time until the game ends.

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Season 46 has been a tale of failed idol use, as four other players have also gone home with immunity idols in their pockets. Jemila “Jem” Hussain-Adams’ elimination was earlier in the season, while Hunter’s vote off was followed by three more contestants – Tiffany Ervin, Venus Vafa and Quintavius “Q” Burdette – being voted out when they had protection and didn’t use it.

Now, just five players remain ahead of the May 22 finale. Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis, Kenzie Petty, Liz Wilcox and Maria Shrime Gonzalez are all left hoping to win the $1 million prize and title of sole survivor.

‘Survivor’ Season 46’s Hunter McKnight and Tevin Davis React to Dating Rumors After Fan Speculation
Robert Voets/CBS

During the Wednesday, May 15, episode, Charlie, 26, Kenzie, 29, Ben, 32, and Liz, 35, all teamed up to try and send Maria, 48, home, but chose to vote off Q, 29, instead after she won immunity. Meanwhile, Maria was attempting to mastermind a blindside of Charlie, her biggest ally, and will have to deal with the aftermath of being the only remaining player to vote for him.

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