She’s not-so-patiently waiting to meet her little girl. Maddie Brown admitted on Instagram on July 21 that she hopes her second baby comes early because she’s getting a little uncomfortable — both with the heat during this pregnancy and with all the somewhat rude questions she’s been getting as her baby belly gets bigger.

“Just shy of 36 weeks,” Maddie, 23, began her post. “No it’s not twins, yes they double-checked. Yes, I am hot. I know I’m huge but telling me is definitely something that will help my day 😒. Here’s to praying she comes a little early 😂😂 #homestretch #convosIhaveonthedaily #igetthetwinquestionALOT #36weeks #gratefulbutoverit #pregnantlyfe #pregnantbelly #momlife #mommyblogger #ncliving #pregnancy #preggobelly.”

Several fans in the comments commiserated with the Sister Wives star. “I’m just shy of 36 weeks too. Why do people ask these things?!” one person wrote. Another remarked, “I was asked daily with both my kids if I was sure it wasn’t twins. Hang in there, mama. My daughter was born in August in the VA heat.” To that, Maddie responded, “I love how people ask are you sure!? LOL nope! Just had a bunch of ultrasounds, can feel the baby, hear its heartbeat, but I’m not entirely sure 😂.”

Maddie has commented before on how uncomfy she’s feeling as she awaits the arrival of baby No. 2. On June 12, she shared that she was “about 98 percent done mentally with being pregnant,” along with a photo with herself and her husband, Caleb Brush, as well as their son, Axel, where she looks just about that done with the experience.

Plus, on July 16, the reality star asked in a video she shared with her followers, “Is it socially acceptable just to look like this til the baby’s born? Can I just blame it on the heat and the pregnancy? Because I have no energy to get ready. And when I do get ready, I just feel hot.” She also made an exasperated face at the camera that, while hilarious, also clearly conveyed that she’s ready to have the kid, already. You’re almost there, Maddie!

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