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Sister Wives star Meri Brown clapped back at haters she claimed were “attacking” her for not speaking out amid Black Lives Matter protests. After seemingly receiving messages and comments asking her to use her platform for good, the TLC personality announced she wouldn’t be sharing any kind of message she didn’t want to — but that didn’t mean she wasn’t supporting causes privately.

“Just to address the clear misunderstanding, not that I have to, but I do not mention every personal thought, opinion or belief in every single one of my posts,” Meri, 49, wrote on her Instagram Story on Thursday, June 18. “So please don’t attack me because of your opinion of what I should say on my personal page.”

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Claps Back at Haters Telling Her What She Should Say on Her Page
Courtesy Meri Brown/Instagram

In an additional post on her feed, she seemed to continue to reflect on the situation as she wrote about unity. “My desire is that we could all unite. Unite in kindness. Unite in peace. Unite in lifting others who are down. Unite in blessing others who are in need. I’m not blind to the fact that we all have different opinions, perceptions, backgrounds and beliefs, and those things make us unique and important in our own right. But I do believe there could be a unity that we don’t have right now,” she said.

The mom of one urged fans not to “misunderstand” her message. “I absolutely don’t mean we all have to believe the same thing, or feel the same way,” she clarified. “When I say unite in kindness, I mean to be kind to all. When I say unite in peace, I mean to allow others their own thoughts and feelings without infringing on that with your own. Have the tough conversations with an open mind and an open heart. I still believe love conquers all.”

Meri previously spoke out on June 8 when she shared a photo of Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s daughter. In the post, she reflected on how her silence was perceived by her fans and committed to learning more and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Writing that she was “listening,” she urged her followers to join her in honoring Gianna and George and encouraged fans to help “contribute to the change.”

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