After 10 months of dating, Sister Wives star Christine Brown is finally getting married to boyfriend David Woolley, but Meri Brown has mixed feelings about their upcoming nuptials.

In Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding Special Part 1, Meri, 52, admitted that she knew Christine, 51, was getting married soon, but she didn’t know the exact date. The mom of one also confessed that while she’s glad Christine found happiness, she’s still sad for the family situation. However, she added that she felt like Christine “deserves to be in love,” and has hopes that she’ll remarry one day as well.

Meri won’t be attending the wedding, and neither will Kody Brown or Robyn Brown, but Janelle Brown will be there. Christine’s friendship with Meri fell apart in the past, but neither woman has revealed specific information regarding the end of their friendship.

During the Sister Wives Special that aired in December 2023, host Sukanyan Krishan asked both Meri and Christine about their relationship with one another.

“At the time that she first was telling us, that’s really how I felt. I felt very betrayed by her and that she was leaving me too,” Meri explained. “Cause she has always said, ‘I didn’t just want the man. I want the sister wives.’”

“I know what kind of relationship she and I have had in the past. It’s been fun. It’s not been super super deep, but it’s been a lot of fun and I miss that. I missed that for a lot of years with her,” she continued.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown smiles at David Woolley in a scene from the show.

However, when the bed and breakfast owner claimed she didn’t know why her and Christine’s friendship ended, Suki, 52, pushed a little harder by saying, “You know what you did.”

This was seemingly in reference to the 2015 scandal where Meri was catfished by a female fan pretending to be a man.

“Well, I mean, I have not always been the perfect person or the perfect wife or the perfect sister wife. It just kind of comes down to we’re just not safe with each other and I don’t think there was one thing. It was over time,” Meri countered back to Suki.

Suki also questioned Christine about her relationship with Meri.

“It wasn’t safe for me anymore and I ended it and I just told her straight up, ‘No, we’re not going to be friends cause I don’t trust you and I’m not gonna do that to myself anymore,'” Christine explained.

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