Baby's on the way! Sister Wives star Maddie Brown is the first child in the polygamous Brown family to get married and get pregnant, and she also is the first to give her parents a grandchild. Since she opted for a natural, home birth, Maddie was able to experience the birth of baby No. 1 surrounded by her family — including her dad Kody Brown, her mom Janelle, and her husband Caleb Brush. But as her labor stretched on from hours to days, her parents and her hubby all looked extremely concerned for her.

"Wow, she's really going for a long time," her dad Kody revealed in a sneak peek from tonight's episode. "It's been days. I’m hoping that was all like pre-labor. She has discomfort, but she was able to rest. If we get going with real labor, there'll be a difference I’m pretty sure."

When her contractions got to be about a minute apart, Maddie sat in a bathtub as she prepared for active labor, which is when her dad went to get his third wife Christine because Maddie requested that she be there while she was giving birth to her child, along with Kody, Janelle, and Caleb.

Since Maddie grew up in a polygamous family and Kody has four wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — she considers her father's other wives as "moms." But Janelle explained that Maddie has a particularly strong bond with Christine because when Maddie was younger, Christine would take care of her with Janelle was at work.

Christine showed up to provide support through Maddie's labor, and she expressed how bad she felt for Maddie — and since the show is filmed nearly a year in advance, fans already know that Maddie had gone through a total of 72 hours of labor before welcoming her baby boy last May.

"She looks tired and exhausted, she said she's okay cause she’s just trying to hold on," Christine said. "This is a hard stage to be in, I cannot imagine being in labor for hours and only being dilated to a five. She’s taken such good care of herself during the pregnancy, so not to have a fast labor — so hard."

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