Sister Wives star Kody Brown admitted it was hard for him to accept that he is not in love with ex-wife Meri Brown.

Kody, 54, insisted he will “always love” Meri, 52, in a teaser clip for the Sunday, December 3, episode of Sister Wives: One on One shared by Entertainment Tonight.

“I can’t be in love with her. It’s not safe for me,” he clarified. “And when I say that, make up any bulls–t you want, but I’m telling you, I’m not going to sit here and drive the bus over her because this is sad. It’s heartbreaking. It just didn’t work.”

Meanwhile, the Brown patriarch also reflected on how Robyn Brown helped him navigate the end of his relationship with Meri. While he ultimately split from Christine Brown and Janelle Brown on his own, Robyn, 45, acted as a mediator between Kody and Meri until they concluded their spiritual marriage was over.

When host Sukanya Krishnan asked Kody if Robyn knew he no longer had romantic feelings for Meri, he said that his last remaining wife always “knows where [he’s] at.”

Janelle, 54, also weighed in on Robyn’s involvement in Kody and Meri’s breakup during the special.

“I think Robyn really does try to advocate for Meri, for better or for worse,” she said. “As Robyn, I never would have put myself in that position. If Kody can’t talk to Meri alone, then they probably shouldn’t be having any kind of conversations. But I know that Meri calls Robyn in. I don’t know. It’s kind of a big mess to me.”

Janelle added that she doesn’t believe Kody was “afraid” to tell Robyn about his true feelings regarding Meri. “He was very vocal with me, even, that there was no hope of a relationship there. So I don’t think he’s afraid to say it,” the mother of six said about her ex.

Meri implied that she and Kody ended their romantic relationship during a December 2022 episode of Sister Wives: One on One. However, the former couple didn’t confirm they called it quits until they issued a joint statement in January.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown Says It's 'Heartbreaking' That He 'Can't Be in Love' With Meri

While both Kody and Janelle acknowledged that Robyn mediated for the businessman and Meri, the Brown family has also pointed out her involvement in his other marriages.

“Robyn convinced all of us that she could speak Kody and that she would mediate our relationships. I even asked her one time to mediate our relationship. And I remember going, ‘No, no, no, no, girl, you know him. You can talk to him yourself. You’re just fine,’ Christine, 52, claimed in a teaser clip for the December 3 episode shared by Today. “She convinced all of us that she needed to be there in the relationship, that she can speak Kody, and we can’t.”

Janelle agreed with Christine, adding that she didn’t appreciate when Robyn would insert herself into her and Kody’s problems. “I’m like, ‘Well, I don’t know if I really need someone to translate for me. We’ve been married a long time. We did OK without you,’” Janelle said. “I think I speak Kody.”

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