Sister Wives star Robyn Brown revealed when she thinks Kody Brown’s marriages to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown fell apart.

“I think it started with when we were in Las Vegas,” Robyn, 45, told People in an interview published on Wednesday, November 29, adding that the family’s dynamic shifted when the adult children moved out of their parents’ houses. “So their focuses started to shift to kids that have left home to go live their life, instead of focusing on their relationship with Kody.”

Robyn claimed that Meri, 52, Janelle, 54, and Christine, 51, stopped maintaining their marriages to Kody, 54, and their commitments to their plural family when they moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona.

“It started becoming a lot of focus that direction, as far as holidays and things like that,” the TLC personality stated.

Robyn added that the move marked the first time the four wives were “separated geographically” and “weren’t in each other’s lives as regularly.”

“That made us feel more independent of each other,” she continued. “It was easier just to not spend time together because it was harder to get in the car and go hang out at someone’s house and then try to figure out if you get through the snow to home and things like that. And so I think that was the next step.”

Once they arrived to Flagstaff, the wives disagreed over “living in one home or building one home.” Robyn explained that the tension eventually “brought out a lot of truths.”

“I think a lot of the issues that were a part of their past started to come up. It was before I came in the family, there was these issues about living together that started to come up, and they started talking about that,” she explained.

Another shift in their family’s dynamic occurred when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. “We weren’t as united, and everybody [was] disagreeing about how to handle it,” Robyn recalled. “And it became this fight and people were so independent by that point.”

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown Theorizes When Kody's Other Marriages Began to Fall Apart

“I think it’s just also kind of an age thing,” the reality star noted. “What I’ve heard is that you get to a point where you aren’t as interested or care as much, or you just become more independent as a woman in a marriage and as obsessed with or interested as much in maybe your hubby and everything.”

Fans watched Kody argue with many of his adult children, specifically sons Gabe and Garrison, over his strict rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The father and sons have had a strained relationship ever since, which has been documented on season 17 and 18 of the show.

Robyn is Kody’s last remaining wife. Christine announced her split from the Brown patriarch in November 2021, while In Touch exclusively revealed Janelle and Kody called it quits in December 2022. Meri alluded to the end of their spiritual marriage in December 2022, though the former couple didn’t confirm they broke up until January.

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