Sister Wives star Kody Brown is looking back on his three failed marriages to Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown, and admitted he only fell in love with his last remaining wife, Robyn Brown.

“I fell in love with Robyn, I never fell in love with anybody else,” Kody, 54, confirmed to host Sukanya Krishnan in TLC’s teaser for the upcoming Sister Wives Tell-All, airing on Sunday, November 26. “I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them.”

Kody revealed his relationship with fourth wife Robyn, 45, was “different” than his previous three marriages because he began his relationships with first wife Meri, second wife Janelle and third wife Christine with a different mindset — one rooted in the anxiety of living plural marriage.

“This isn’t about being like, ‘in love,’ this is about growing a family together, we love each other, we’re required,” the TLC personality continued. “The gospel requires us to love each other, but I never really actually suffered in a fit a passion in this place.”

The father of 18 admitted he wasn’t vetting his future partners on who would be “compatible” with him and revealed he would do things differently today. The Wyoming native added, “The blame lay on one thing and one thing only, if you’re gonna marry for eternity, you should start out in love. I thought it was acceptable, I thought I could make up the difference.”

The clip then cut to Janelle, 54, where she revealed that she was in love with “the idea” of Kody on their wedding day. “It was a very functional marriage, but now he’s grown and changed and I’ve grown and changed,” she continued, adding that her ex wasn’t the “guy he is now.” “I think maybe he does have more affinity or more connection with Robyn and that’s OK.”

Christine, 51, was the first to announce her split from the polygamous brood in November 2021. Almost a year later, In Touch exclusively confirmed Janelle ended her marriage to Kody in December 2022. Meanwhile, Meri, 52, and Kody confirmed their split in a joint statement one month later in January.

As the breakups played out on Sister Wives, Christine and Janelle were open about their frustrations with Kody for “favoring” Robyn over his other wives. This is ultimately what led to their tense relationship with Robyn.

“You know, this isn’t a new complaint, that Kody favors me,” Robyn slammed her sister wives’ claims during season 17 in September 2022. “I’m not getting some preferential treatment, even though that’s what they think.”

Janelle and Christine have stayed close following their subsequent splits and admitted they no longer have relationships with Meri or Robyn.

“I’ll continue to be amiable when we’re together,” Christine confirmed to Us Weekly on November 20. “I have kids that have a good relationship with Robyn, and that’s great. But no, [I do] not personally [talk to her],”

Janelle had a similar sentiment, adding, “I adore [Robyn’s] children. I do hope that at some point in the future, the children can be more reconciled with all of their parents. That’s what I hope for. But time will tell, and time is a healer, so we’ll see.”

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