Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shut down claims that she only appreciated her ex-husband, Kody Brown, for his body.

During the Sunday, November 26, portion of the Sister Wives: One on One special, Kody, 54, recalled previously stating that Janelle, 54, was only “interested” in his “nice pecs” and “great six-pack abs.” He explained that the comment was “was all about the fact that Janelle has always seen me as a physical specimen and as a resource and not ever really dove into to my humanity.”

However, Janelle made it clear she didn’t agree with his theory and laughed off the statement.

“I really felt like our relationship was very, very good,” Janelle told Us Weekly in an interview published on November 26. “And I feel like I’m like, ‘Wow … my perspective on what happened is so much more different than what he thinks.’ And I think in some regards, he’s flying from the hip right now. He’s just saying what’s in his mind. But it was so much more than that. Obviously. There’s way more to a marriage.”

She went on to state that one of her favorite parts about their marriage was the children they welcomed. “We have six children and they are beautiful,” the TLC personality said. “Up until the last few years, they had amazing relationships with their dad, and I just feel, like, I’m not quite sure where that sentiment comes from, but it’s actually kind of funny.”

The former couple spiritually wed in 1993 and share children Logan, 29, Maddie, 27, Hunter, 26, Garrison, 25, Gabriel, 21, and Savanah, 18.

Following months of split rumors, In Touch exclusively revealed Janelle left Kody after nearly 30 years of marriage in December 2022. An insider explained that Janelle is a “strong independent woman and realized she can do it on her own” and added that she simply “outgrew” Kody.

Kody’s estrangement from their kids – specifically Garrison and Gabriel – seemed to play a major role in their split. Fans have watched the patriarch and his sons butt heads over the years after they failed to see eye to eye when it came to his strict rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Kody’s relationships with Garrison and Gabriel aren’t great, Janelle has said she’s hopeful they will be able to reconcile.

“I do hope that eventually time heals,” the mom of six told E! News on November 25. “I’m hoping that over time he can find a relationship with the children that he’s estranged from now.”

Sister Wives’ Janelle Shuts Down Kody’s Claim That She Only Liked His 'Pecs' and 'Abs': 'Funny'
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Meanwhile, Kody expressed interest in moving on from the tension during the November 5 episode. “I haven’t been in touch with Gabriel and Garrison for quite a while,” the businessman said. “I’m pretty sad that I’m not close anymore.”

“There were just so many things in our lives that we did that were rich together, you know, just special experiences,” Kody continued while reflecting on his previous dynamics with his older children. “I think and hope that in time we’ll just get over this [and] it’ll be safe being back around each other.”

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