They're fighting back! Kody Brown and his four wives risked their freedom by allowing TLC cameras to document their polygamist lifestyles on the reality TV series Sister Wives since polygamy — the practice that involved a man who has multiple wives — is illegal in all 50 states in America, including their home state of Utah. The patriarch of the Brown family attempted to change the laws by filing the Brown v. Buhman lawsuit in 2016 to fight back against Utah's bigamy law, but the case was dismissed. Now, Kody, Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn are all risking the chance of getting arrested after they decided to take to the streets to rally at a march in order to legalize polygamy.

"Yeah, I feel like that we could be thrown in jail," Meri said in her confessional in a clip from this week's episode. "There's a chance it could happen, but I don't wanna back down because I'm scared."

In Utah, it is considered a felony to marry or cohabitate with more than one person. Meri and the rest of her sister wives feel like they are the victims of bigotry and they feel that they are being treated unfairly by the government because polygamy has a bad reputation of being a community where there have been many cases of sexual abuse, child abuse, pedophilia, and welfare fraud among other issues. The Brown family feels like they are being targeted by the law and punished for their fellow polygamists' inexcusable actions.

So Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine were all on board to go and fight for their freedom to live their polygamist lifestyle, but by attending the march they would publicly out themselves as polygamists and risk being charged with a felony which comes with a five-year prison sentence.

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"Janelle and Meri and Kody are like, 'Let's go fight. Let's go do something. Let's go march.' And I'm like, 'We have little kids,'" Robyn said in her confessional.

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