There is nothing ~basic!~ about Sharon Stone’s money and lifestyle!

The iconic actress has a $40 million fortune, and thank goodness! She has maintained that she can’t travel on commercial planes, and that her lifestyle is thanks to the hard work of her security team, staffers and assistants who work around the clock.

“It’s very expensive to be famous,” the Total Recall actress, 65, said about her bank account working overtime.

“You go out to dinner, and there’s 15 people at the table, and who gets the check?” Sharon questioned. “You get the $3,000 dinner check every single time.”

But insiders make it clear that Sharon doesn’t go the extra mile when it comes to picking up the tab. “I worked with
Sharon and she didn’t shell out a single penny,” a source tells In Touch. “Flights, cars, hotels, meals, even hair and makeup — all taken care of. It’s comical she’s crying about the cost of fame.”

Sharon worked hard for her money, though. She made a staggering $13.6 million for Basic Instinct 2, $6 million for Last Dance and another $6 million for Diabolique. Given that she only made $500,000 for Basic Instinct – the movie that catapulted her career – Sharon quickly proved that her acting chops were worth the money.

And who wouldn’t want to join Sharon for dinner, especially if it meant scoring an invite to her Beverly Hills mansion! She bought the property in March 1995 for $3.2 million, and the property today is likely worth between $12 and $15 million. She diversified her real estate portfolio in 1998 by buying a mansion in San Francisco with then-partner Phil Bronstein, but the pair later sold it when they got divorced in 2004.

Of her first Los Angeles home, Sharon told Architectural Digest, “All of a sudden, there were crazy stalkers trying to get into my house,” noting that her Basic Instinct fame led to a number of close calls.

“The police were there all the time, until they finally had enough,” Sharon admitted. “They told me to pack a suitcase because they were taking me to a hotel. I had to find a new home that had proper gates.”

Luckily, her second L.A. mansion appears to be her safe haven!

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